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Reason for Broken marriages in India

Updated on June 30, 2008

Why marriages are breaking down now-a-days? .Why so many divorce cases are getting registered everyday and why this holy bond is no longer strong enough to keep two souls and persons together .Is the problem with system or with our mentality? Is it good or is it bad?

We can say that it is the result of western modern cultures impact on our society. Now we are no more just happy with imitating the clothes and lifestyle, but the family culture also. With the result of this imitation most of the marriages are now breaking down with a dynamic speed, but can it be the only reason for the breaking marriages and divorces in India, definitely not.

The major reason is the girl's education. Now a girl is not just simply considered a liability by the parents but valued as an asset. Now she is no more just left for the home and kitchen, but a part and a very important one in the society. She now just doesn't live a personal but a professional life with strong and determined goals .Now as given by the society equal rights for freedom and education, she is no longer confined to home, and thus using this power in the social and professional world. She is now no more a passive receiver but an active doer, who likes a boy, has certain career goals and professional dreams. She is now aware of her value. With the education she has not just received good marks in studies but a self respect and a self realization of her own dreams and values.

After getting education when she gets married, she makes her mind to take a personal responsibility also with the professional one .But over here; she is not the only one who is married. The responsibility should equally be shared by the husband (the boy), who just gets married but never try to take the responsibility. Who just sometimes marries as it is the time to get married, sometimes for parents and sometimes for love, but never realize the responsibility which is equally there on his shoulder to carry on the holy marriage.

After marriage a girl is considered /meant for to take care of the house, the kitchen, the laundry and so on. If she works then also she has to wake up early, to prepare food. She has to make dinner even if she had a very hectic day in the office, as it is her responsibility /duty, but what about the boy, he also lives in the home, he also eats food, then why just girl is responsible for the kitchen and home's work. And if on any point of time for any reason, she fails to prepare food or take care of home, she is considered as a non-responsible girl. What about the boy who just wakes up have breakfast ,take the packed lunch, and then came back ,watch some news or cricket, have dinner and go to sleep. Does he realize the background steps taken by his wife for this comfort?

Earlier a girl used to bear all the torture and ill-behavior of the husband and his other family members as she had no option left. She was not educated and had to rely on someone either on husband or on father or brother. After marriage she had to bear the torture to save her from the tragedy of being divorced and disrespect of her parents in the society.

She could not even think of any future after divorce as how much the parent's could make her living and how could she rely on the brothers for whole life. In any case, she had to live an unprotected and deserted life, so it was better to be at the husband's home, with a hope of getting a little drop of love from husband and his family members.

But now the situation has changed, she is aware of her value and worth. She is no longer an uneducated and unvalued item in the new and strange husband's house, but an equally important and educated girl, having the equal status and freedom as a boy.

Now, she comes to this new house from her beautiful parents home with some dreams and objective to live a beautiful personal life. But what if, she is not just being considered as a simple human being but a supernatural lady who can do anything and everything, who has no right to skip preparing breakfast if she is tired, and have so many questions ready if gets late due to traffic jam or stay back in the office. Under above mentioned circumstances beyond her control, she receives strange expectations rather than sympathy or support, being a normal human being -a girl.

Some people would not agree but it is a fact. Only a boy can save a marriage from breaking in India. If a boy can't take the responsibility, he should not marry its better for him to remain single. If a boy can't make a breakfast or can't help his wife in it, he should not marry. If a boy cannot make a vegetable when wife is making chapatti, he should not marry. If he can't wash clothes sometimes when his wife is not well, he should not marry.

If a boy feels like hell after reading this, he should not marry because his marriage can not be successful.

After enjoying a free and lovely environment at the parent's angelic home. Do you think a girl would like to live a bounded life? , Where she has all the responsibilities and work to complete but no time for her own. And after all this, how one can expect her to attend her husband in the bedroom with an angelic smile?

Now-a-days in the changed society with equal rights to males and females, by snatching away a girl's freedom, one can never have a successful marriage in India. Just providing education to girls is not enough. Either don't educate girls or accept them as a normal human being with equal rights as boys, because after having wings a bird can not be happy in the cage.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Its not the education, but the attitude that causes problems. Education is liberating. However, U missed many points from the boys side. The boy is responsible to run the household, provide economic security and attain status for the family which is very difficult in this highly competitive and mean world. Therefore, if a girl thinks shes is educated and therefore deserves to be respected like the man in her house. May be thats asking for too much. Men are so stressed, they often loose hair and become bald because of the office stress. Take the case of a doctor, how many women surgeons do u find in this profession? Many b one or two. Its male dominated profession. Similiarly take the case of a investment banker, how many women do you find? Very few again. Most women take up easy jobs. And if a women cant support her man to achieve his dreams then why should she even marry is my question. When she cant become one, wont it be good to support someone to be that? Also preparing breakfast and doing laundry is again subjective point. When a man is working in a high stress field like investment banking. He sledom has time to have sex with his wife and get a good night sleep. Why cant the women understand that? Moreover i find your argument misanthrope(against men). Today men are victimized by unnecessary laws like domestic violence act, dowry prohibiion act etc. Education must empower a women but not to an extent that she becomes a tomboy and want a puppet husband and only pretend like a wife in social gatherings. This i call hypocrisy because women want to have it all comfort, beauty, respect, and money too. Men loose their hair, often compromise their health have bp, diabetes and prone to heart diseases due to high stress. So women i say if u have never knew the meaning of COMPROMISE, dont ever think of marriage. If u cant do the laundry and have not learned cooking yet. Please dont marry.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 

      11 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      these changes are difficult for many people, I think. Giving into modern ways takes time and people get hurt. Changing the way people thinks can take a generation or two.  Patience is a vertue..and a difficult one.  Much thought should always be put into any marriage..of any my opinion.....good job here thanks  G-Ma :o) hugs


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