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Recommended science fiction and fantasy books for teenagers

Updated on July 17, 2008

Personally I love sci-fi and fantasy, and have built up quite a nice library of it myself. Nearly everything I read is kid friendly, being a dad tends to drive that habit into you.

Depending on the interest of the child, Star Wars are always a safe bet. I would start with the first Thrawn trilogy Heir to the Empire then move on to the second Thrawn series, then to Vector Prime. A lot of what is happening now in the books really has its roots there. Plus Timothy Zahn is an amazing author. There is a large amount of Star Wars books out there, so pretty much will have a large supply.

For Fantasy I am stuck between two authors, either Stephen Lawhead, or Terry Brooks. Terry Brooks is a great author, straight fantasy, and his Shannara series are simply unbelievable. Plus there is a large amount of those as well. Start with the First King of Shannara and work your way through history there. Then go back and read the new prequel trilogy he is writing.

Stephen Lawhead is my favorite bar none. Most of his books are Celtic myths tied in with small religious themes. The Pendragon Cycle is an interesting retail of the Arthurian legends, steeped in Celtic history instead of the more Chivalrous Le Morte d'Arthur brand. Another superb series by him is the Paradise War trilogy. Very well written, very enjoyable reading.

Its great to see teenagers interested in reading as opposed to texting and gaming.


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