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Relaxation Tips For Busy People-Reduce Stress With These Simple Relaxation Tips

Updated on August 14, 2008

If you wake up and never feel rested, if you go through the day nervous and uneasy you are more then likely feeling the effects of stress. Even if you feel you are not stressed some simple relaxation can do wonders for anyone. Below you will find some simple relaxation tips that you can use you relax your body and de-stress, even if you have a busy active life.

Relaxation Tips For Active People

One of the common reasons people never try to de-stress is they claim the simply do not have the time. But even with a active life and a full schedule you can do some simple things to de stress yourself in a short amount of time.

Learn To Spot Stress- Every person handles and reacts to stress differently and in order to effectively reduce your stress you need to know when it is affecting you. Some signs may include headache, sweating, upset stomach or nervousness. Without knowing when you are stressing out you can never fully treat your stress, even with the best relaxation tips.

Learn To Breath Deep- This is a very easy method of tress reduction that is so easy it can be done sitting a t a desk. First Take a big deep breath in, hold it for a period of a few seconds then slowly release it. Repeat the slow breathing until you can feel yourself calming down and try to hold you breaths per minute in the range of 10-15. By slowing down your breathing you will be increasing the oxygen in your blood and relaxing your entire body, this is just what you need to relax!

Limit Caffeine- Everyone loves their morning cup of coffee, and its fine in moderation. But when over consumed coffee can make you nervous and tense. It can also increase the feelings of stress. Limiting yourself to one cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverage per day can go along when you are trying to reduce your stress.

Take A Walk At Lunch- Most people just site around on their lunch break and do nothing, and doing nothing does nothing for your stress levels. You need to motivate yourself to go out and take a brisk walk, by exercising you will not only release some energy and lower your stress you will also get yourself in better physical shape.

Eat A Healthy Lunch- As the saying goes "you are what you eat". And if you fill yourself up on fast foods that are loaded with fat, sugar and other toxins you will feel terrible and the extra sugar is a stimulant that can have the same effects as caffeine. Instead stick to healthy fruits, vegetables and other low fat foods.

Use a Massager If You Can-There are many small hand held massagers that can be used to relax your neck muscles and help reduce your stress. There are even larger models that you can use to relax your back muscles. Most massagers target the back and neck because they are the muscles that tense up the most, especially while at work.

While there are many relaxation tips that you can try, the above are very easy to do and are easily accomplished on the job or even in your car. And the best part is they are very effective in reducing your stress levels.


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    • profile image

      Airsoft Gear 9 years ago

      The toughest thing too be to give up coffee! it's the nectar of the gods. Great stuff as always, keep up the good Hubs!