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Religious freedom means a freedom to believe in true God

Updated on December 8, 2007

Now who is/are true God/s? How do we come to know of Him/them?

Before I go in to that issue I would like to remind myself that as human beings we all are limited. With our limited knowledge and with out limited reason we could reach to a conclusion that to have a complicated world of ours and to have a complicated organic structure of living being there must have some kind of intelligence behind this structure. We will have to come to the conclusion that this super intelligence with its creative power is the force whom we call God.

Now as many of us know some people say that, this complex structure is the result of random combination If one has this conviction then the talk about religion is not theirs. Or one must have to say that, that is the religion of that particular person. The problem with this religious concept is that there is nothing certain for them. Nothing could be depended. one must face the life alone because the things of this world do not have any purpose. persons come and go in the spur of a moment as the bubles of the water. It is a scary thought

Now the other view is that there is/are a/some super power/s who control this mysteriously complex system of the world and organisms . That is there is a kind of purpose for our existence. I would tend to believe this because the reasonable way of thinking is this that there must be some reason for all this complex structure. We are not able to fully comprehend the full picture at this present moment, but there must be some. Now even if someone argue for the sake of argument that this belief is just a self hypnotism I would say that I would like to have that state of hypnotism. The reason is simple: as per our limited knowledge as human beings to have a complex structure of any kind some one must work behind it, and I would like to apply the same principle to the universe. And I believe that that is the only reasonable conclusion I will be able to reach till some one shows me that some human being created complex structure which is capable of recreation (or at least re-production) without using any kind of intelligent reason.

Now the other thing what many of us face is the problem of different concept of faith and different way people relate to God The different concept of faith and the different ways in which people relate to God creates different religions. And this different concepts of faith and different ways in which they relate to God is the one reason why many tend to believe that the religions are all creations of Human

Now their argument is partially true. I too believe that religions are the creations of human beings. Then one may raise the question: "Ha! then what is the credibility of religions?" I would like to answer them that, that itself is the credibility of the religions. Now you will need a reason for my answer. The religions are creations of human beings once when they have God (super power) experience. This God (super power) experience with an inner calling makes them to adore the experienced God (Super Power) in their known ways. But the problem is that none of them are having a full vision of God(Super Power). Many experience God (Super Power) partially and many experience God (Super Power) through the experience given to them through other people. Now some religions call this kind of experiences as REVELATIONS

REVELATION means that with the help of the God (Super Power) some person or group of persons gets the glimpse of the God (Super Power) himself. Some times there are totally different experiences so that people think that there should be many different Super Powers (Gods)

Now some one would say that how can one be sure of ONE God (Super Power). The reason for One God (Super Power) is that if there are many Gods (Super Powers) with equally different thinking and actions then there must have equally different forces working in this present world. That we are not experiencing in this Universe. Even with all the modern technologies we see a kind of harmony in the celestial and earthly affairs. As I said before this makes me to lead to a kind of conclusion that there is only One God (Super Power). At the same time we see there are different functions of this One God (Super Power).

As it is said in the Hindu Religion there are functions of srishti (creation- function of Father in the Christian belief), Stiti (sustenance - function of Holy Spirit in the Christian belief) & Samharam (transformation of one physical state to other physical state - Function of Jesus when he comes second time). So it could also mean that the God has a nature of "Oneness" with "Diverseness". Either It could be different natures of the same God (Super Power) or it could be Different Gods (Super Powers) exists as one God (Super Power). Now how can different Gods (Super Powers) exists as One God. The reason is simple - (1) as a Super Power none could have a beginning and none could have end. (2) We Do not see a contradiction in their actions because it all (the whole universe) is working with a plan and following a system without contradiction. (3) So it must be that the Super Powers (Gods) which are of the Nature of the (Super Intelligence) is having one Common existence without destroying the existence of the other and at the same having different functions but each function in harmony with an eternal intelligent plan. (And since there is no contradiction and since there is common existence and since it is not a materialistic existence there are no different Gods (Super Powers) but there is only One God (Super Power) as a result.

Now If this is true then why there should be different religions? there is no need. But again we are human beings. It is difficult for us to say whose religious experience is full or real?

Now for this there is an easy solution. If God (Super Power) wanted some one to believe (experience) some thing it is very easy for that God (Super Power) to just put that belief (experience) in that persons mind. The very fact that different people are having different belief (experience) shows that it is the will of God (Super Power) that the people should have different God experience till a certain point of time (till that Super Power wills)

This may lead some one to ask then why do I have a particular belief instead of believing in every religion? The answer is again simple: As a human being I believe that If God (Super Power) wanted me to believe in some thing else that power could have built that belief system in me. The very fact that the Super Power (God) gave me a particular belief system means that The God (Super Power) wants me to believe certain things in a certain way. And that is the revelation that is given to me through the centuries.

Now we come to the question? What then is the Religious freedom? The religious freedom means that if a person is logically and reasonable believing in a Super Power (God) and if that belief has a deep impact in that persons life allow him to have that belief. It is a kind of tolerance to other persons belief system.

Now the problem here is then why should some talk for witnessing ones belief. If the other person is also creation of God and if the other person also could have inculcated with the religious belief why should I witness before him my belief.

Here we will have to analyze the word witnessing. Witnessing is not a simple word game, or preaching game. If we take witnessing as having a meaning of living ones belief fully without having any other kind of motive of converting other to once belief that is witnessing. Then the other may ask a question why this particular person is doing this particular kind of activity? And this will intern be a chance for the God (Super Power) to lead the other person to a higher level of REVELATION.

So I think Religious freedom means "to have the capacity both interior and exterior (personal and Political/societal) to lead a life of personally GIVEN and ADOPTED REVELATION."


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    • profile image

      I Hate You 6 years ago

      This is completely wrong. You are a complete idiot. Even my 9 year old Christian brother says you are an idiot. I hate you with a passion.

    • commentonthis7 profile image

      commentonthis7 9 years ago

      i believe in God and  salvation

    • gabriella05 profile image

      gabriella05 10 years ago from Oldham

      I believe in God but I dont like religions

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

      We believe in God, but some have a different meaning of their God

    • Lissie profile image

      Elisabeth Sowerbutts 10 years ago from New Zealand

      Religous freedom includes the right to believe in no religon at all