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The One Thing I Have Learned About The Republican Party Is That They Prove Evolution Is REAL!

Updated on September 10, 2008

Everything was going great. Barack Obama was gaining voters and establishing himself more and more in the minds of the American people. It seemed like we were on our way to redeeming ourselves as a nation. Then the Generic Republican Stereotype, I mean John McCain goes and asks some unknown woman; Sarah Palin; to be his VP nominee. McCain didn't pick some new type of Republican; he picked the same-old carbon-copy Republican. It's just this one is a woman. A bigot is a bigot no matter the gender. And Sarah Palin is a B-I-G-O-T! She follows in the same line of pretty much every tired, ignorant Republican that has ever come before her. Because that is the problem; Republicans aren't NEW! They aren't this group of people that want change! They are mainly White/Straight/Christian/Males bent on keeping the status quo. They want all of us to live under the rule of a government with the same prejudice and ignorance of the 1700's! Don't believe me? Go find the most ignorant, hate-filled, crazy lunatic out there! I mean the type of person with such ignorant views that you can't even imagine they are still alive, because that type of hate only exist in the movies. Then ask them how they vote? Big shocker right? Republican! I live in the South; so I have dealt with the people Science and Understanding forgot, and they all vote Republican. I wonder why? Maybe it's because the Republicans deny rights to as many people of Color, Disability, Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation as possible. If it were up to the Republicans, we as the USA would never change. Now not all Republicans are like this; but A Lot are. And the fact is America will never become what it should be as long as their is a Republican party. It's not 1700's anymore. We all have to understand that people are born differently. That people not born here, want to move here. That people of every color are exactly the same. The fact is I know people born right here in the good-old USA that hate the USA, but others born elsewhere LOVE it here! A fact the Republican party doesn't understand. To them you have the be this Religious-Fanatic, Gay-Hating, Gun-Loving, buffoon who thinks the Earth just magically popped-up here a little over 2000 years ago! Those are the TRUE AMERICANS? (Yeah Right!!) These are also the same-types of people that beat those harmless immigrants in New York when they were getting off of those big ships so many years ago. And were those beatings justified? Did those immigrants destroy the USA? NO!!! But that is the problem with Ignorance, it doesn't have a MIND. It's just a grouping of broken thoughts, used to do the WRONG things to INNOCENT people. And that is all the Republican Party can ever bring to the table of life.

So now I'm worried. I know there is women out there that are willing to change their entire way of thinking and vote for Sarah Palin; even though Hillary and Sarah ARE 100% DIFFERENT IN THEIR VIEWS! It is almost literally like going from voting for God to the Devil; and Yes Sarah Palin is the Devil! Her views are just twisted and insane!

So while I'm kind-of surprised by all of this; I'm not really surprised at all. History just seems to keep repeating itself. People seem to love inflicting pain onto themselves. This has been the case since humans first showed up here a few hundred thousand years ago. It's just this time we all may miss out on a chance at someone like Barack Obama; who has a very real chance to bring the words "RESPECT" and "AMERICAN" back together again. I still don't understand why people view Obama as being weak for not wanting to push for war. John McCain is a Republican, and they LOVE war! It's the gravy on their plate of (Let's Just Kill Everyone, Then They Will Love Us!) stew. Which call me crazy, I would like to have a president that respects American lives so much that he doesn't want them wasted on foolish, pointless, things. Have you ever felt like smashing someone in the face? Then thought "Wait, this is crazy! Let me think about this for a second!" That is the type of person I want as an American President! Someone that understands there is numbers that fall between 1 and 10. The fact that John McCain has been in a war and justified death only scares me, because his number list goes from 1-(Talk About It) straight to 10-(Time For Blood To Be Used As Paint!).

So I hope on everything I can hope on that people don't vote for McCain just because he hired some woman to be his VP. Because I know for an absolute fact that there is NOTHING special about McCain or Palin. Unless you consider being completely Generic and Plain special; which I don't. The one thing I have learned about the Republican Party is that they Prove Evolution is REAL. Because only Humans can actually Prevent Evolution from ever taken place! The Republican Party; Completely Unchanged Ignorant Ideals Since 1854!


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