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The Difference Between The Democratic Voters & The Republicans Seems To Be (LEARNING) About New Ideas.

Updated on November 5, 2008

I'm SO GLAD that Barack Obama won tonight, but when I logged onto the Internet to read some news articles; I just saw a lot of the Same-Old-Generic-Republican-Comments. "There Goes My Paycheck! Obama Is Going To Tax Me To Death!", "The Mexicans Will Invade The USA!", "Now The Terrorist Have A Friend In The White House!" These are SO Stupid, and SO Generic; that to me it seems like every TV in America has a Republican-Docking-Station for Ignorant people who don't want to think too hard. So instead of Learning & Understanding the issues; they just dock their Brain into the TV and just resight everything they are told. But it's not even Complete-Thoughts; it is just the rambling Bigot thoughts of people like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, ect. And those people are (NOT) the types of people ANYONE should listen to. They are the biggest problem with the changing world. Old-White-Guys-That-Fear-Change, and Hate Anyone born different. They just hide their Bigotry behind Religion and Politics, but that doesn't hide the fact that they are Hate-Mongers. An argument can be made that "Some" Democrats are also docking their Brains into their TV, but it doesn't work on the same level.

When I was growing up; I would ask my Mother "What is the difference between Republicans and Democrats?" She would reply "The Republicans Help The Rich; The Democrats Help Everyone Else." I didn't understand that until George Bush came into power. Then I saw him systematically pass laws that hurt everyone that wasn't Rich. He made it illegal to buy cheaper medication from Canada. He passed laws that allowed companies to more easily Out-Source American's jobs. He even Vetoed a law not too long ago that would have extended the Government-Medical-Insurance to poor, sick children. And why did he do all of this? Why do so many Republicans do things like this? Because they seem to think it is wrong that the Government spend (OUR) tax dollars on actually helping American's. Plus they are controlled by Corporations, but that is an overall problem with American Politics. So these (POOR) Republicans keep voting Republican, because they believe in this idea. So even though these Working-Glass Republicans can't see a Doctor, or get a hold of Cheaper Medication; they still don't want the Government to help them? So it's okay that the Government spend Trillions on helping other countries, on Wars, on things that (HURT) Americans Image, but they can't spend (OUR) tax dollars helping us? But it's not really just that though. They also don't want Gay people to get married, or to give Immigrants a chance at earning their own right to live here. That is part of the (Hate) I see from Republicans. When ever I meet someone that is Republican; I pick their brain. I want to understand (WHY) they are a Republican. And so far I have not met any Republicans that don't (HATE) some group of people. They always use the excuse of "Family Values"; which is a crock of ****! They vote Republican because they don't want certain types of people to receive (EQUAL-RIGHTS). They are so afraid of change that they stick with the Political-Party that is also Afraid of Change; the Republican-Party. They hold onto a Tree and hope the Winds-of-Change won't pull them away from their Ignorant; Hateful, outdated views on the world.

It's just so stupid that (POOR) people will vote Republican. That people of Ethnicity vote Republican. That Homosexuals & Lesbians vote Republican. These are all groups that the Republican-Party has spent their lifetime trying to build the USA into a country of Oppression against. But they still vote Republican, and they still just resight whatever their Party tells them to do. They honestly think that the Republican-Hate-Machine is going to stop Hating one day. I've got news for you; THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON! Before the Republican's hated African Americans. Then they moved onto hating Gay-People. Now Immigrants. It never ends! They never (STOP) hating; they just find new things to add to their list.

So in the end; Republicans seem to vote based on whatever nonsense they are told. Whereas Democrats are the ones for the most part; who seem fully able to Read-Between-The-Lines.

This is just how I see it. There is others that will call me all kinds of hurtful things because they don't like my Point-Of-View. But call me crazy, I think the Government should (ACTUALLY) Help us! Even poor countires have Universal Health care. They have Equal-Rights for those born different. But were still stuck, because we have a This is just how I see it. There is others that will call me all kinds of hurtful things because they don't like my Point-Of-View. But call me crazy, I think the Government should (ACTUALLY) Help us! Even poor countires have Universal Health care. They have Equal-Rights for those born different. But were still stuck, because we have a Political-Party that still thinks it is okay to (HATE); just as long as they hide beyond their Faith and/or Politics. It's just really, really sad that the USA has so many people like this....


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