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RuPaul in Starrbooty - The Some Like It Scott Interview

Updated on October 21, 2007

RuPaul Some Like It Scott Interview!

Sometimes amazing things happen when you're not even looking for them. I was recently contacted about putting the movie Starrbooty (releasing on DVD October 30, 2007) on my web site, Some Like It Scott ( ).

Often I'm contacted about putting a movie or album on my site but this time when I asked for an interview (albeit via email) RuPaul was generous enough to grant it to me.

What I discovered was something that I think we've all suspected about RuPaul...he's an intelligent, fascinating creature that dazzles the eye and in this interview stirred my heart. I can't thank him enough for this interview, his kindness and candor.

I like to say that I myself am an acquired taste, you know like Tab cola but you seemed to have appealed to the masses right away. (And yes, I'm jealous) Why do you think you were the first ever mainstream drag queen that had the other drag queens delighted as well as the family with 2.5 children living in Iowa? Or was the acceptance not as quick as it looked to those of us on the outside? The fact that I became America's #1 Drag Queen Sweetheart has more to do with timing than my unique ability to convert Betty and Joe Beercan. The window that allowed me to step into the consciousness of the American family was open for a relatively short amount of time. That window closed after a few short years. The whole issue relates to our culture's primitive views toward gender. Doing drag in a patriarchal society is akin to an act of treason.

With all the celebrity bashing from to mainstream television, you never hear a bad word about you. How have you managed to escape all of this? The mainstream press is not interested in the personal life of an out gay man. They're interested in the parts of my personal life that would support their condemnation of my lifestyle but nothing else. You never hear about the personal life of out gay men because it would force the public to see them as human beings instead of hired help whose sole purpose, in their opinion, is to coif and style straight people. If you saw me as a human being, you would then have to love me. That would force you to deconstruct your belief system which is flimsy at best and nobody wants to hold their belief system up to the light of day.

Reality television seems to be a genre that just won't go away, any thoughts on a reality show you'd like to do, what would it be called? And would there be makeup and hair challenges? You know, Project RuPaul or something? Well it's all been soooo done before. The only unique thing I could bring to that genre is my personality.

Now onto some questions about your film, Starrbooty which is about to be released on DVD... (at your favorite retailer on October 30, 2007)

The film has lots of action in it and looks a lot like a film I read in one of your previous interviews was one of your favorite films, Cleopatra Jones. Intentional? Absolutely. After I saw Cleopatra Jones the first time, I wrote it's star the first and only fan letter I've ever written in my entire life.

Due to the fight scenes, approximately how many nails were broken for this film? It seems we were gluing my acrylic dragon nails on every 5 minutes and not just for the fight scenes.

I know I should be asking if you did your own stunts but what people really want to know is if you did your own hair and makeup? The term shoe-string budget sounds generous when describing our film. Yes, I did my own hair and make-up.

And now some burning questions for the Some Like It Scott website subscribers...

Weave or Lace-front wig, what should the best-dressed drag queens be wearing this season?Always a lace-front wig, even if she has a full head of hair.

With so many celebrities being caught without panties, everyone wants to know if you've ever gone out without them? They don't call me Tuck Everlasting for nothing.

Why haven't you brought your act to Vegas? Celine Dion is leaving and Joey Arias has been doing Zumanity forever now, when are we going to see the RuPaul Show hit Vegas? Extended runs make me stir crazy.

I read in a Liz Smith interview with you that you wanted to do a remake of Auntie Mame (one of my favorite top three films ever) but maybe call it Uncle Ru and develop it for television. I think that would be brilliant but besides Auntie Mame, is there any other classic Hollywood movie you'd like to re-make and what role would you play in it? I'd love to do My Fair Lady and call is My Fair Lady Boy set in the Thailand, of course.

So, the given is that you are an icon and now that you are a recording artist, author, television and radio personality, film star as well as an actual doll what could possibly be next for you to conquer? I want a child. (That's a joke; I hate children.)

Read More Scott and enjoy videos, pics and music from Starrbooty @


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