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Cute Shoes for Every Woman!

Updated on July 22, 2012

What woman doesn't love shoes? Actually, I used to never pay attention to shoes. I'd buy the occasional flip flops and a pair of tennis shoes that I just had to have, but I'd stop there. Nowadays, I've become the next avid shoe shopper. Addiction has overcome this girl!

Fortunately for you, I have dug up some places to find cute/unique shoes for all occasions. Enjoy!

  • -- Fantastic site for any occasion. The prices range from $25 - $400+, so they're bound to have something for everyone.
  • -- Okay so here's where the shoes can be pretty pricey. Not that they weren't on the previous site. I honestly like the selection of a bit better than this one.
  • -- Genius. Some of the most fabulous shoes [IMHO] can be found here.
  • -- Great prices and super cute shoes. This is a site I can trust and have purchased from for years now. They're great about returns and exchanges and their merchandise is of good quality.


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    • highfashn profile image

      highfashn 9 years ago

      Starrkissed, your hub makes me want to get off of work and go try on some shoes! excellent pics!

    • Ileana profile image

      Ileana 9 years ago from Texas

      Ah, even Carrie Bradshaw would take off her Manolos to try on these fab shoes. Loved the ballet flats at!

    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 9 years ago from Arizona

      Oh yes, I forgot about them! I don't know how, though, because I'm always getting emails from them lol. I'll have to make a follow-up post with more great sites. :D

    • BizzyMuse profile image

      BizzyMuse 9 years ago from Southern California

      starrkissed - what's not to love about this hub! I was drooling over some of the pictures. You listed a lot of great websites. Zappos is another good one. They are known for their great customer service and super easy return policy.

    • profile image

      ESAHS 9 years ago

      "Nice interesting hub!"

      "Shoes are a essential part of every woman's wardrobe!"

      CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association