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Sacred Heart Diet - The Results Hub: Part Two of My Diet Series

Updated on December 30, 2007
Celery- You eat a lot of it on this diet!
Celery- You eat a lot of it on this diet!

Diet Diary: Day by Day on the Sacred Heart Diet?

Last year, I tried out a diet, recommended by my doctor. I posted the story about a year ago at both Associated Content and HubPages. However, I never added the results article as a new hub. Here's hoping this contributes to the knowledge I have been able to share regarding the Sacred Heart Diet.

These are my results, the second installment of a two-part series. To read about the Sacred Heart Diet and how I prepared for this seven day eating plan, click on the next button below to see the first Hub.

First, a review of the soup:

When I first tasted the soup, it was probably too hot for me to really savor it. When I had my first real bowl, I was highly impressed. I did add two packets of the soup flavoring, although the recipe called for one. It was just fabulous! I will definitely be making this recipe again just to have on had. Very yummy.

So, let's get down to business. Here is a recap of my seven days on the Sacred Heart Diet plan.

Day One of the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan:

I started the morning with a small bowl of the soup and black coffee. The black coffee took a little while to get used to, but I likened it to drinking a dark beer. It worked. Later on in the day, I had another black coffee. I also drank two bottles of water while at work, and a glass of apple juice when I got home, and also two more cups of black coffee.

During the day since it is fruit day, I snacked on three slices of cantaloupe, a plum and a small bunch of grapes. I was pretty darn hungry by the time I arrived home. I should have brought soup with me for lunch as well. I had a small bowl of the soup for dinner and two slices of cantaloupe.

How I feel: It's strange. I did feel like I had more energy. I did some arm weights and push-ups when I got home, as well as the dishes. Perhaps some of the regular foods I eat make me sluggish.

Day Two of the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan:

At this writing, I am at work and it is noon. I am starving again. Today it is vegetable day, and with me is a large baggie of broccoli, cherry tomatoes, snap peas and carrots. I've been munching all day, although it's a little hard eating raw veggies without ranch dressing. (The broccoli is the worst without a dipping sauce!) I did have a small bowl of soup and black coffee for breakfast, but I think I am going to start with a larger bowl of soup in the morning. I started the morning with a bottle of Tropicana Fruit Squeeze, a new flavored water. (I am technically not sure if this is allowed.) I refilled the bottle with water from the cooler twice.

At dinner, I had a bowl of the soup and some cucumbers and carrots. But, the best part was the baked potato. I smothered it with butter, because I was allowed. It certainly hit the spot. I also had some apple juice. At the end of the day, I felt pretty good. After the potato, my hunger pangs went away.

Day Three of the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan:

Today I realized that there was not enough soup to last the rest of the diet, since two of us are doing it. I rationed enough out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then made sure I remember to bring the list of ingredients with me to work. I started the day with a bowl of soup and some fruit. I munched on veggies all day, just like yesterday and also drank plenty of water.

After 1:00, something strange came over me-this heightened awareness. I felt so energized. I looked at the diet plan, and lo and behold, on Day Three you are supposed to feel more energy than usual.

On the way home, I stopped and bought the ingredients again, as well as a scale. I realized I had no way of knowing how much weight we were losing. See, I have a real problem with scales. Some people are so fixated on weight and clothing size. I feel that when we really look at those numbers, we can become obsessive. I truly feel that if my clothes fit better or I go down a size or two from where I am now, than I am happy. But, for the sake of sharing an article on this I feel that I need to give a number of pounds shed to see if the 10-17 is a realistic figure.

So, I threw the batteries in my digital scale, stepped up on it and found I had lost four pounds from the weight I was at my last doctor visit. By today, I should have lost three-five, so I am on par. For dinner tonight, I had two bowls of the soup.

Day Four of the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan:

Today is the day I was waiting for. I love bananas! The first and third days were fruit days, however, no bananas. I started the morning with black coffee, a banana, two glasses of skim milk and another banana. I love icy, cold milk and had not had it in four days, so I had to have a second glass! I actually had energy this morning, with only one cup of joe!

For lunch, I had two bananas. I was not able to leave work for lunch, so my plan to get a bottle of skim milk was foiled. So, I chugged two 20-ounce bottles of water. I have to give a presentation this evening, so I will have a late dinner of a bowl of soup and a banana. However, I plan to stop for that milk and perhaps some more monkey food to get some energy for the presentation.

Well, I was not able to stop for a milk and banana, so I had a later dinner of the soup and banana around 8:00. I was extremely hungry when I arrived home. If I had taken some more banana and a container of milk, however, I would have been fine.

Day Five of the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan:

First of all, I just have to say the whether I lose 10-17 pounds or not this diet was worth it because I proved to myself that I have will power. If this diet doesn't work for me, at least I know I have the gumption to survive another stab at a new diet.

Today is the beef and tomato day. I started the morning with a bowl of soup and two flat steaks, seasoned with salt, pepper and this McCormick burger seasoning with garlic and onion. It was delicious. I had the exact same thing for lunch, as me and the fiancé are both home from work with a flooded basement. I've been drinking apple juice all day.

For dinner, I am preparing a concoction of ground beef and diced tomatoes with parsley, salt and pepper. The one thing this diet was not clear on was what seasonings you can and cannot have. Since the three I just mentioned are allowed in the soup, I figured they could also go with the beef and tomatoes. Originally, I was going to make hamburgers and top with slices of fresh tomato, but I think I will save that for tomorrow's breakfast. (Day Six is also a beef day, but with any kind of veggie.)

Day Six of the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan:

Today was a beef and veggie day. This morning we started with a brunch of two hamburgers each, atop a bed of lettuce and topped with tomatoes. It looked as good as it tasted. Let me just tell you how good it is to savor some meat after four days of not having any! Mmm. Guess what we had as a side dish. Yep. The soup.

I really felt a lot more energetic. Usually on weekends I like to lounge, but today I did a lot of cleaning. I never do that. (See related article.) I had a snack of soup in the midafternoon, and for dinner we had steak with tomatoes on the side. I sliced them thin and topped with parsley, salt, pepper and garlic powder. They were yummy.

Day Seven of the Sacred Heart Weight Loss Plan:

I made it! Today is a light day. Soup, brown rice and veggies. I started off with soup for breakfast. For lunch, we had rice and soup and the same for dinner. I drank apple juice all day.

Did I Lose 10-17 pounds in Seven Days on the Sacred Heart Diet?


So, there is good news and bad news. The diet did not live up to the 10-17 pounds it promised. However, I did lose some weight so I am not complaining. My weight seemed to fluctuate each day. I knew that would drive me crazy and that's why I hate having a scale. (Alsp, don't be discourage; it was probably just me. Plenty of e-mails I have gotten have stated they've lost 10-20 pounds, and even more by repeating the diet.)

MY LOSS? (Drumroll, please!)

Eight pounds. Not bad. My pants feel a little looser and that is really what I wanted. The key here is keeping that off.


--Increased energy- By day three my energy level went up and I felt more mentally aware.

--Will power- most importantly, I learned that I can go a week without fast-food or without visiting the vending machine at work.

--Cravings- I didn't have those salt and sugar cravings

--More H20- I kept up with drinking 6-8 glasses of water on the days I was at work. At home, I didn't drink as much water. But, at work I felt great!

--More veggies and fruit- in my normal diet I don't have a lot of fresh veggies and fruit


--On days that I did not bring enough fruit or veggies snacks, or forgot my lunch soup at home, I was starving. On the diet, you can have as much said food as you want, but only if you remember to bring it!

--The soup is good, but by Sunday, I was thankful to have something else!


I would recommend this diet to someone as an eating plan before starting to eat better, not as a quick diet. I think that doing this for one week- without cheating- taught me a lot about my own will-power (that I do have it) and how much better I can feel by eating better and having more water, which of course the soup helped with. I plan to make this soup every few weeks and do a slimmed down version of the eating plan. As I mentioned, this is something good to do to clean out the system, lose some initial pounds and get the body ready for a healthier lifestyle.

Because I did not cheat, not once, I was disappointed at first that I did not lose 17 pounds. (I only exercised two of the seven days, which could say something, too.)

But you know what? I can live with losing eight because I gained a lot more.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm doing this diet now and i really hope i can stick to it, i'm only on day 1 but i think if i can get threw today i should be ok as 2moro i can have a jacket potato and veg :) i really hope i loose around 10lb that would be great! lets just hope i dont give into temptation and do aswell as you did

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm doing this diet right now and I have found that my energy level has certainly increased! I think this diet lets you eat a lot. Being able to eat all the vegies you want, whether frozen, canned or fresh, they are all good. Thanks for this website. It gave great insight.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks, for the insight and you have inspired me to start this diet tomorrow. I have never done fad diets and this one seems pretty healthy and I love detoxing. You gave me a new way of looking at it and if it makes you feel better I am all for it. Your story was very helpful!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      because she gained energy and a healthier body.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      what do mean when you say I can live with losing eight because I gained a lot more.


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