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Saeco Espresso Machine

Updated on January 21, 2009

Celebrating Delightful Moments at any Time

Saeco Espresso Machine
Saeco Espresso Machine

Saeco Espresso Machine - A Taste Experience

More than 15 years of experience ingeniously combining know-how and innovation to produce a wide collection of Saeco espresso machines from super automatic, traditional and drip style coffee machines. Every coffee connoisseur who is seeking coffee satisfaction will discover a masterpiece in a Saeco espresso machine.

All you Need is a Push of a Button

Saeco Odeo Giro Go
Saeco Odeo Giro Go

Automatic Machines

Saeco’s automatic espresso machines extend the notion of automatic. Grinding coffee beans, dosing the ideal amount of fresh ground coffee, tamping, brewing and disposing of the used grounds into an internal container, all this can be achieved with an easy push of a button.

And with the patented removable brew group, heart of Saeco technology, each espresso is perfectly brewed at every push of the button.


To Discover all the Riches of eth Espresso

Saeco Via Venezia
Saeco Via Venezia

Traditional Machines

Smart in their small size, the traditional Saeco espresso machine is intended for coffee lovers who enjoy the conventional way of making a real Italian espresso. Ease of use and perfect for limited space, the traditional Saeco espresso machines are the ideal choice for every espresso perfectionist.

The New Art of Drip Coffee

Saeco Renaissance
Saeco Renaissance

Other Saeco Coffee Machines

The Renaissance coffee machines will change the mind of coffee purists when it comes to drip coffee. The subtle combination of European style and state of the art technology makes the Renaissance series an easy and perfect machine for brewing a hot and delicious pot of coffee.


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    • profile image

      Home Solar Power 7 years ago

      Coffee is my passion and these are the only coffee machine I dare using.

      Great presentation.