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Same Sex Marriage Begins In California

Updated on June 17, 2008

Do you mean to tell me that the heavens have not opened to weep? The ground hasn't swallowed us all whole? People are still having children? How can this be when we were surely assured by the religious right that the world would end when same sex marriage began in California? Same sex marriage begins in California - Don't Get Me Started!

So all ready the blogs and sites have begun their whole charge to agree, disagree but most importantly just want their opinion out there in the cyberworld we live in. Here's one of the comments that didn't surprise me but I think is what a lot of people may feel:

I'm thankful for the constitution and how it empowers the people to invoke their amendment rights. But at the same time, when the constitution was being written homosexuality was not an issue. I believe our forefathers are trembling with dismay and unbelief.

Now listen here you Mr. Feeling Bad for the Forefathers, we didn't have Perez Hilton or TMZ so we have no real idea of what those crazy forefathers were up to now do we? We do know that they were sleeping with their slaves and wearing wigs so honestly, while they did a lot of good, let's not make them saints here. They were men, common men who did some great things but were also by all accounts very smelly, must have had very itchy heads from the wigs and some even had wooden teeth so do we think that these boys were really completely in their right mind anyway?

Hey, I'm all about the flag, the look of the iconic signing of the Declaration of Independence, the whole fife and drum corps and all of it but let's not kid ourselves here kids, if you don't think that there weren't homosexuals back then you're out of your mind - someone was blowing more than a fife I'm sure. Gays didn't come into existence when interior decorators were invented. I for one don't think that the forefathers are "trembling with dismay and unbelief" I think they're thinking, "Wait a redcoat minute here, women can vote? All the blacks are free? They make a pill to give me a major hardon? Whoa, dudes who knew?" I think they're heads would be spinning so much that they would make "Regan" in the Exorcist look like an amateur and none of it would have to do with gay marriage.

Everyone needs to stop equating the thought of marriage to procreating. It would seem to me from watching Jerry Springer or just walking through a Wal-Mart that it doesn't require marriage to make a baby. In fact we have more people making babies out of wedlock than in it at this point (and most of them not over the age of 14 - so way to go straightees!). And who the hell ever thought that they gays were saying that heterosexuals should be banned from living? (Let's face it, if the straights weren't around who would we gays overcharge for hairstyles, decorating or clothes?)

So listen here all you people who are trying to cling to your marriage like Beaver Cleaver's mother to her pearls and day dress. The times they have changed. Sure some may not be for the better, even I admit that but what we are hopefully getting better at is treating people like...well...people. So stop all ready with your "end of the world" stories or even your Sodom And Gomorrah stories. Because after all, that's what they are...stories, kids. The same way you say we have no proof that we crawled out of the ocean I say show me the proof that there was a hell of a party in that Sodom and Gomorrah place and that it was all the anal sex that caused the destruction. Let's face it, the remnants you might find after a "gay party" would be so interesting, I find it very hard to believe that no one would save some of those artifacts to prove it happened. Come on, the glow necklaces, poppers, a g-string of biblical proportions (they didn't call him, "Goliath" for nothing).

So if you Christians don't mind, I'll just stay at my computer writing away, working, feeding my cats, loving my male mate of almost twenty years now and not worry about the end of the world. There are so many more important things to worry about than that, you know, like what the hell is Mario Lopez doing on Broadway?! Same sex marriage begins in California - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 9 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      It has always amazed me how many people talk about "The Good Old Days" as if somehow things were perfect in the past.

      I believe that if people from the past could come to visit us and discuss "the good old days" they'd fill our ears with a lot of reasons why they weren't so good after all!

    • An Again profile image

      An Again 9 years ago from Boston

      "... But at the same time, when the constitution was being written homosexuality was not an issue. I believe our forefathers are trembling with dismay and unbelief"

      I can't believe anyone actually thinks like that.