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San Pablo Salvage, Food, and More

Updated on December 21, 2006

Welcome to San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, California, a great place to go shopping for your house, eat a taco, or buy some classy secondhand clothes.

Just for a taste, I will take you on a driving tour of a small stretch of San Pablo Ave pointing out the highlights.

Baldwin Brass and Metro Lighting

Baldwin Brass is not a salvage store...but they do sell high quality knobs, hinges, door knockers and more.

Metrolighting is a Berkeley Original: hand crafted light fixtures of brass and glass. These guys are on the cutting edge of energy concerns and lighting...and they have a roof full of solar panels to boot.


Omega Salvage and its sister store, Omega Too - great place top find fixtures, lights, or other parts, antique or replica for your house.

Gallegos - 2300 San Pablo Ave

Gallegos is a charming little taco stand with tented outdoor seating behind.

Omega Salvage 2406 San Pablo Ave.

The original Omega Salvage (West) 2407 San Pablo Ave

Bacheesos Garden Bistro (on the corner of San Pablo and Dwight)

Twister Vintage: 2353 San Pablo...and another vintage clothing store next door!

"Take cover from the storm of bland style at Twister Vintage"

Ecohome Improvement and Lucky Bait Shop

oops, KC'S BBQ is right next door. mmmmm


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    • profile image

      VivekSri 7 years ago

      liked that goodie foodie guide. nice looking and salivating. keep that on!

    • grannylikeseve profile image

      grannylikeseve 7 years ago

      very nice

    • profile image

      barney 11 years ago

      nice architecture as well! esp the baldwin brass/ metro lighting bldg and gallegos...and lucky and eco home.

      quite charming.