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Saving Money With Online Photo Developing

Updated on June 30, 2007

For me, one of the best things that I have started doing the past few years is to use the online photo developing services. There are many of them available and I can't say enough about how much easier this process of film developing has made my life. The best part though, is the money I save using these online photo developing sites.

When I first started using a digital camera I would go and stand in line at Walmart or Walgreens waiting my turn at the downloading machine. Then I would stand there for what seemed like forever going through my pictures and rotating them or getting rid of the red eye, and ultimately trying to determine which pictures to order. All of this while in a hurry, with my kids hanging on me and people standing in line behind me. This was not fun! And at $.29 a picture, this is still pretty expensive if you ask me. If I had enough to order I could get a discount and get each 4 X 6 photo for $.19.

Then I discovered Snapfish. Snapfish is an online photo developing service that I have never had any trouble with and have loved since the day I started using it. I upload my photos to my computer and then download them to Snapfish. It really doesn't take very long and I can do other things around the house or on the net while I am waiting. How easy! The editing was also quick and easy and I could easily tell which pictures were worth ordering and which weren't. It takes less time than waiting somewhere else for developing and I don't have to drive anywhere. The best part of all of this is the prices. I usually buy a block of photos to get the discounted rate of $.10 per print; however the full price is only $.12 per print. When you are ordering a lot of photos, this can be a significant savings over other retailers that develop photos.

What about shipping? Every couple of months Snapfish will offer free shipping on up to 100 photos. I always order when they have this offer, thereby increasing my savings over the stores prices. However I also order and pay for shipping several times a year, which is usually a nominal amount and worth every penny for the stress free and hassle free way of ordering prints. I almost always get my photos within 5 days of ordering and I don't mind waiting at all.

How does this compare to printing pictures at your home? I don't have a fancy enough printer to print my pictures off at home and I don't think I want to have one either. I have seen how much the photo paper costs at the stores and between that and the ink needed to print the pictures I can't imagine that anyone could save money over the online photo developing places. It would be nice for convenience, however it would be a pricey convenience to have.

I have also used Kodak Easyshare as well as York Photo and Shutterfly. I have had the same success with these online developers that I have had with Snapfish. Every now and then a photo will get bent in the mail and I just email Snapfish about the problem and they credit my account for the price of the photo. I can reorder the ones I need at any time.

Snapfish photo developing has been a big money saver for me as well as a time saver. I can easily get the photos I need at about half of what the retailers charge. This definitely works for me and I hope it will work for you too.


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