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Saving Money and Energy on a Washer and Dryer

Updated on April 26, 2007

Saving money and energy on your washer and dryer is a great idea. There are many ways to save energy when using your washer and dryer and saving energy will definitely translate into saving money. With electric bills constantly on the rise, saving wherever you can is a must.

  1. Wash full loads. However don't over fill them or your washing machine will have to work harder, which negates any ideas of saving money on that load. Running a full load every other day instead of a partial load every day will mean running your washing machine half the time, resulting in half the energy used. Usually the difference between a partial load and a full load is the amount of water used.
  2. Purchase energy efficient models - if you are needing to purchase a new one. Don't run out now and buy a new washer and dryer if you don't need one. But when it comes time to purchase, buying an energy efficient one will save you lots of money in the long run. Front loading washers use less water and less energy and make great investments.
  3. Wash in cold water. For most loads, washing in cold works great and is just as effective. For things like underwear and towels hot is best. Washing in cold water saves the cost of energry.
  4. Use a gas dryer instead of an electric one. Generally gas is cheaper than electric, so purchasing a gas dryer will save money in the cost to run the machine.
  5. Line dry your clothing. A definite money and energy saver is line drying your clothes. Yes it takes time and it takes YOUR energy, but it will save you money and it is just as effective.
  6. If you have hand washables - hand wash them. Many washers these days have a setting for delicates and/or hand washables. If you actually wash them by hand you will save the energy costs of running that load.
  7. Run loads of like thicknesses. Wash a load of towels all together. Jeans all together. These items take longer to dry. If you have a sensor on your dryer that determines when clothes are dry, it could run much longer than needed for most items, if you have a pair of jeans or a towel in the load. These items always take longer to dry than most other things. A normal load of t-shirts and shorts will dry much quicker by themselves than paired with towels, therefore saving energy.
  8. Request free samples of laundry detergent. This is more to do with what you need to run your washer, but it will still save you money. I get free samples of laundry detergent at least once a month. Each sample takes care of at least two loads. These savings do add up.
  9. Clean your lint trap! This is one of the biggest factors in how efficient your dryer runs. Clean your lint trap before every load. And the vent running to the outside at least every couple of months as lint can get caught up in there as well.

Saving money and energry when doing laundry is actually quiet easy to do. Pay attention to what you are doing and follow these rules and you will definitely save!


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      Classy Gals 10 years ago

      Great article Jennfer, you have done a really nice job on all of your pages. Wish you the best!