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Science & Spirituality

Updated on April 24, 2011

What is Science?

Science is the systematic study of anything that can be examined, tested, and verified; an ever evolving wealth of objective information. Science is everywhere in our daily lives; healthcare, building materials, education, and transport for example. There is not much of the material and tangible world that has not been created and advanced upon by science.

Life would be harsh without science. Can you imagine living in a cave or a makeshift shelter made from branches with no electricity, natural gas, or water on tap? How about no phone, PC, or internet connection? Would you really want to live in a world devoid of scientific research and advancement?

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the realm of the individual relationship to a higher power. It is the personal inner experience of connecting to the source of creation. For many people this brings a sense of comfort and connection to life purpose.

Our modern day religious beliefs can be labeled spirituality. You can be a Muslim, Jew, or Christian and be spiritual; however, you do not have to subscribe to organized religion to be a spiritual person. You can follow none of the aforementioned religious beliefs and still be spiritual individual and God loving person.

Why you need to have both Science and Spirituality in your life

Can science alone explain everything in the universe without spirituality? While we are gaining more technical and biological knowledge of the cosmos and life on earth, science alone cannot provide clear answers on all subject matters of the universe; emotions, dreams, and psychic clairvoyance for example. Science generally speaking cannot explain the remarkable abilities of a true psychic clairvoyant who can describe past events that have transpired in your lifetime with remarkable accuracy. Another example is the subject of meditation and the overall benefit of well being is seems to provide for those who practice it. Medical science has no definitive answers what actually transpires within your mind and body to bring you at a generally positive and better feeling state-of-mind. Spirituality provides us with perspective based answers to these fascinating questions.

Can past and present spiritual beliefs explain everything in the universe without science? Spiritual and Religious teachings provide ambiguous answers for technical and biological questions on the cosmos. They do not provide a detailed explanation of evolution life on earth. Science has proved many geological facts of life on Earth-the planet is an estimated 400 billion years old. Mankind was not present from the beginning of life on earth, but evolved as a species. I do not recall reading about the T-Rex and the dinosaurs in Sunday School.

Spiritual and Religious teachings also do not seem to account for the billions of other star systems in the Milky Way galaxy; the frozen water on Jupiter's moon Europa, the water that once flowed on Mars, not to mention the billions of other galaxies in this dimension. Science tackles the composition of the earth and the cosmos from a technical and biological perspective. Science is a complex ever-evolving knowledge base that is constantly discovering the amazing and then revising such discoveries as it progress and evolves further-absolutely fascinating! Science has advanced health care to an unparalleled level and gave us evidence of the existence of other stars and planets in the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. It is wise to acknowledge and appreciate science and spirituality simultaneously in your lifetime on Earth.

Science advances our knowledge of this universal dimension and gives us opportunities to experience and learn and grow as individuals.

Spirituality helps us individually with; who we eternally are, understand our purpose in life, and appreciate our chosen path to fulfillment here on planet Earth.

About the author: Sandy Andrew is the Radio Show Host & Author of the Universal Learning Series. He was born in the Scottish town of Paisley. He has lived, worked, and studied globally in Scotland, England, South Africa, and the USA. Sandy currently resides in Kansas City, USA, with his wife and daughter.


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