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Scott Becomes A Greeting Card

Updated on April 29, 2007

Visit to see what it says on the inside!

MikWright Makes Somelikeitscott Into A Card

Yes, I've always wanted attention. Yes, I've always thought that I deserved to be going to rehab with the stars at Promises in Malibu. Well, this might very well be my first step or it could be another step in being the greatest never was been there's ever been - only time will tell.

The gang at MikWright ( have turned some hysterical old photos of my mother and myself into even more hysterical greeting cards with their signature wit! That's right, screw Hallmark, these cards are perfect for every holiday imaginable.

So click here to see the cards and to order yours today.

After all, how many times can you say you (almost) know the person on a greeting card?

I hope you enjoy this latest zany adventure of your pal, Some Like It Scott and that you continue to journey with me through the DMV putting female on my driver's license and refusing to change it back, the humiliation of going to the gym only to discover that I'll never be "gay thin" enough and shake your head along with me as I ponder why we really need an Anna Nicole movie and why Britney Spears is still famous. These and many other questions can only be answered at

Don't Get Me Started!


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