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Senator Craig - We Gays Just Aren't That Into You...Literally

Updated on October 16, 2007

Guess What Senator Craig? We Gay Really Don't Want You - Don't Get Me Started!

I've never understood why every straight man seems to think that every gay man wants them. This is simply not true. There are so many straight men that hold no attraction to any of us gays that it just seems like another desperate attempt by white straight men to keep their leg up on women and all minorities. That's right men, not all of you are so attractive that we can't help ourselves. In fact in a lot of cases, you should be thankful for women (especially the ones with low self-esteem) because us gays have some higher standards that you simply aren't able to meet. On the other side of that, I do know that a lot of gay men, confused and concerned about their own manliness are only attracted to straight men in a desperate attempt to not be associated with the limp-wristed gay stereotype. But whether you're into straight men or gay men I think it's time we stopped hearing Senator Craig tell us that he isn't gay and doesn't approve of our lifestyle. Instead, what we should be saying is, "Guess what Senator Craig? We gays really don't want you" - Don't Get Me Started!

How could the gayest host on television (next to Ryan Seacrest of course) Matt Lauer interview Craig and his wife? Oh right, ratings. I almost forgot. I didn't see the whole interview and I'm glad of it because what I did see made me sick to my stomach. First of all, Craig had on more makeup than his wife and can we discuss the blush? He looked like Lucille Ball when she was too old to play Mame but did it anyway and then they had to cover the camera lens in gauze to supposedly make her look younger (when in fact, it just made her look fuzzy). And as he sat with his wife on the couch looking like Mr. and Mrs. Middle America, his answers were so rehearsed that you would think you were seeing some badly acted living room drama that had no drama or interest whatsoever.

I'd like to say I feel bad for the wife but she seems as delusional as he must be to have had so many people reveal his "gay tendencies" and still deny it. Who am I to judge them? Well, when you put yourself out there like a celebrity without underwear on you deserve what you get. Honestly, what does he think? Why was he so surprised his fellow white "statesmen" just distanced themselves from him without calling or sending a Hallmark card showing their support of his admission of his guilt and then his about face? Because (as they say in Nine To Five) he's a "sexist, egotistical, lying hypocritical bigot" and your fellow congressmen are the same. When they see one of their own exposed they quickly back away from them as fast as possible for fear they'll be exposed too (sort of like well, chicken pox - they're chickens and a pox upon their heads, I say!)

What Senator Craig needs to know is that as much as he apparently loathes himself (and perhaps can't admit his attraction to other men), we loathe him a little bit more. Maybe loathe is too strong a word but then again, when he solicited sex in that bathroom, admitted guilt, tried to take it back and then sat on that couch (with the pattern that would hurt any discerning gay's eyes) cleverly choosing his words to deny being gay or bi-sexual then almost boasting that his "voting record" on gay issues should show you where he stands on that lifestyle choice perhaps it's more contempt I feel for him.

I've had friends who questioned their sexuality and fought it before coming out so I understand about how vehement the denial can be before they come to terms with their true sexuality. But I'm sorry in Craig's case it's hard to have any sympathy for him as he supposedly faces "the most difficult challenge of his political career." How convenient to be able to distance yourself from the fact you were trying to give a blow job to some anonymous stranger in a toilet and try to turn it back to being about politics.

Craig has made his decision, he's staying in office and most likely when his term is up we won't have to hear from him again until he writes his book, "A Tour of The Sexiest Restrooms In The US" and goes on Larry King to try and sell it to anyone who might care. As for me, I'm content with letting Craig slip into obscurity, never talking about him again. But for the record, I want Craig to know for all of us, "Guess what Senator Craig? We gays really don't want you" - Don't Get Me Started!

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