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The Seven Travelers to the Philippines

Updated on June 14, 2008

The Traveler's Story

"The traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see." --G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936). This prince of paradox, as Wiki said, was born in London. His paradoxical style is apparently shown in this quotation; a 'true statement' in some ways--both sees the world, but 'seemingly opposite' in their thought processing that somehow leads to a contradicting end result. It would be interesting to find out who you would meet in your travels.

How about you--the city or the country type? Which one are you--the traveler or the tourist? What is your story? Why would you include the Philippines in your travels? Whoever you are, the Philippines has an answer for all your destination needs--from the crowded tourist attractions to the not-so-adventurous ones, or to the remote and desolate places only the most adventurous batch could reckon.

Where in the Philippines is your destination? No matter what your story is, you will take the best with you.

...but not for the claustrophobic!

My sister and my nieces in a Boracay cave--tamed compared to the ones in Palawan.
My sister and my nieces in a Boracay cave--tamed compared to the ones in Palawan.

The Adventurer

This adventure-loving wanderer is a bit of a rebel and not afraid of unknown territories. The outdoor pursuits could only pose certain challenges that excites the soul. Count the many islands of the Philippines that will provide endless choices, at least a good thousand out of the 7,107 where some may not be visible during high tide. This adventurer might want to google Honda Bay in Palawan--still considered as the "last frontier". This pristine place of eco-tourism pride can be accessed from Puerto Princesa, the capital city. This city is a "hall of famer" for being the cleanest and the greenest city. There may be Bat Island, Snake Island, Turtle Island and who knows what other animal islands are documented, these animals may not welcome even the finest adventurer. However, some remote not-so-over-populated areas may provide tranquil beaches showing off white sandy shores, gleaming rivers with cascading waterfalls, majestic mountains teeming with rainforest, vacant fields with grazing cows and water buffalo, and many unique places, mostly, only the locals could find.

The Artist

As this traveler search the world for its breathtaking scenery, the Philippines will be there waiting on a glorious day to unfold the numerous possibilities of finding the imposing beauty of nature. Discover the hidden islands only a boat-ride away from the crowded cities, the underwater world only a dive away from the busy shoreline, or the hilltop wonders only a hike away from the sprawling valleys. Whether armed with the telescopic lenses of the cameraor the magical touch of the brush on a canvas, the artist's eye will capture the imagination with his keen perception of the natural creation of the Greatest Painter. As he aesthetically filters the world, we will see the Creation as only imagined by the artist.

The Boracay artist as he captures the beauty for you to remember.
The Boracay artist as he captures the beauty for you to remember.

The Backpacker

With a backpack and a shoestring budget, this wanderlust will see every bit of the beauty that abounds in every corner of the world that fascinates him. His admiration of beauty even in simple things along the way on his journey will make him a perpetual traveler as he will not be detered by the discomfort of traveling on a budget. He will gratefully find solace from apartelles to hostels or even the lodgings of the locals. What matters are the exotic experiences derived from all human exchanges.

The backpack basics will suffice to fill the needs of this sensible traveler.

The World-class Traveler

Unlike the backpacker, this savvy traveler treats himself with only the best - from 5-star hotels to gourmet food. He pampers himself with luxury, and the day is not complete without a massage in the seclusion and comfort of his own room...followed by a relaxing dip in a private hot tub.

However, if this indoor activities prove to be boring, an outdoor excursion of stylish adventure in a giant caldera of hot spring resorts in the midst of nature could be a perfect destination. There are always great selections of places to visit whether some specific destinations or spontaneous preferences only money can buy.

The Visayan islands--numerous and tiny as they are--will offer tremendous amount of choices from the convenient tourist spots like Boracay Island in Aklan to the calm and serene beaches of the not-so-crowded Bantayan Island of Cebu. Then we also have the combination of big-city amenities and simple-life tranquilities that Davao could offer in its Samal Island beaches. These array of beaches are just boat-rides away from the busy cities...something unheard of in Luzon.

The Floating Casino of the Present; the Walled City of the Past--Fort Santiago

The Floating Casino view along Roxas Blvd.
The Floating Casino view along Roxas Blvd.
The polluted water still seems to hold magic.
The polluted water still seems to hold magic.
Fort Santiago, Intramuros--memory of rhe past, reminders of the present.
Fort Santiago, Intramuros--memory of rhe past, reminders of the present.

The Historian

For the more serious and focused traveler who loves pieces of history, the Philippines has remnants of time once ravaged by colonial rules. Luzon alone has a lot to offer--from the central part closest to Manila [there is Intramuros or Corregidor with all the ruins as evidences of what had gone wrong in the hands of the Spaniards and the Japanese] to the northern tip [where Vigan in the Ilocos provinces will showcase old churches and houses]. Memories of long-gone time are still freshly etched in the minds of Filipinos, and now...the beauty of these places is forever envisioned in their hearts.

Manila may be known for its pollution and corruption, but every traveler could still find something of interest. A simple stroll along the historic Luneta Park will bring one curious traveler to the monument of Jose Rizal, a prominent hero of the Philippine revolutionary era. Further down the road is Baywalk [along Roxas Blvd.], where laid-back eateries display the common people's culinary expertise in an attempt to compete with the restaurants along side of well-known hotels. When night falls, the darkness will usher street walkers, impromptu street performances, and even live bands.

There are other forms of entertainments along Roxas Blvd., including the scheduled events at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. This is the start of our Luzon tour; the rest will be guided by history as every historian wants it to be.

The Writer

From the printed pages of magazines to the electronic pages of websites, the opportunies for writing travel-related articles abounds. As this traveler's creative mind hunts for aesthetic appeal, his senses are atuned to the physical comfort of other travelers. His job is to find beauty, enjoy it, and make it come alive in its raw abstractness. His words should bring the message in its concrete simplicity--vivid enough for the weary mind to comprehend as it rushes to catch up with the flight of time.

The writer combs the beaches for shells and corals, and for a moment, he is lost in their beauty...but then he has to get back to the reality of time when he envisions the complete package that comes with the place. There's a time for munching...and crunching of numbers. Travelers need to eat and sleep no matter how gorgeous the scenery is.

His adventure will include restaurants and hotels including alternatives from hostels to apartelles, to condos and apartments. Indeed, he travels and his travels are his stories; he tells his stories and it is his job to tell it well.

The Lost Soul

As the world turns, one would-be traveler is busy catching up with Father Time, and Mother Nature is somewhat relegated to the back-burner. Often stressed, he lays his head on his pillow and closes his eyes after many deep sighs...gratitude that the day is over...regrets?

Morning comes, then waking up to the humdrum routine...laziness sets in...breathing-in deeply to start a new day. This is life, but where is the soul of this weary traveler? He must find a tropical Island Paradise of the Philippines!

Relaxation mode is on...away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The island of Samal has the tranquility that's not too far from the convenience of Davao city. Maybe...Bantayan Island's proximity to Cebu City could offer a similar comfort. Ah...the looming vision of the swaying hammock beneath the coconut trees...a relief to the soul lost-no-more!


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    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 8 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Thanks AM...I glad you stopped by!

    • apricotmousse profile image

      apricotmousse 8 years ago

      Wonderful hub. It's nice to see another Filipino hubber here. Keep on writing =)

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 8 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Thanks GH...very encouraging words. Very soon I should write more about our country's bounty.

    • GeneralHowitzer profile image

      Gener Geminiano 8 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Your hub is truly useful for travelers. A brilliant hub it is.

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 8 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Hi LB33...Thanks! Glad to hear that though Manila is not for everyone. I could give you three reasons why anyone (me especially) would be in this crowded city...hmmm...I think this would be a good topic to pursue later.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      I loved this hub, I have been to Manila and enjoyed visitng again through your hub, thanks.

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 8 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Hi Jill...thanks for stopping by! I hope your kind words will motivate me to write again soon. I know I can only blame the mundane stuff for so long. I also visited your photography site, and I'm so jealous!!!

    • jill of alltrades profile image

      jill of alltrades 8 years ago from Philippines

      Hi, this is a great hub about the travel destinations in the Philippines. I am happy that you wrote it. It's great to promote our country.

      Please check out my hub on Boracay.

      All the best!

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 8 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Thanks Julie...this might be a great reminder to write something about the Philippines again. Or, just to write--period!

    • Julie McM profile image

      Julie McM 9 years ago from Southern California

      The Seven Travelers to the Philippines is a great hub. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • profile image

      zylla3philippines 9 years ago

      FOL: Thanks for your kind comment. Just what I need at 4am CA time when my body clock is telling me 8pm Philippine time. Can't even remember my password to sign in here. I was too lazy to do some computer stuff there.

    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 9 years ago from Philippines

      Hi zylla3philippines,

      I enjoyed this hub - 7 travelers to the Philippines. This should be added to the "Tourist Guide" booklet of the Philippines' Department of Tourism as a reference material for the staff. Thanks for sharing this stuff.


    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 9 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      SZ: There are so many places you can visit depending on your travel preferences and time availability. I'm hoping to get some simple checklist done on how to identify places to go when planning to go to the Philippines.

    • stylezink profile image

      stylezink 9 years ago from Atlanta, GA.

      I've never had a chance to see the Philippines as and adult, I really want to now. You've written some great information here.

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 9 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Thank you for stopping by, LD. Sad to say, I haven't gone to Boracay and I will probably travel when we finally decide to retire. So much to do...but we'll be in QC in July also. Have fun then!

    • lancedimetri profile image

      Jose Presidente Medina 9 years ago from Philippines

      I really missed Boracay this summer.....gosh!!! This was my 2nd summer without Boracay...and I'll catch up in July...when I get home! Better bring the kids again to some scenic spots in Manila after Malling...Thanks...Nice hub!!

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 9 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Thanks CW...we're getting really busier as we're nearing to the time we have to visit the Philippines June 24. I'll see what I can do before then.--lol--Once there, I hope to get him into reading more blogs and hopefully continue the once I coerced him to start with in 2007.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Zylla, I added a couple of videos to Drummer hub that your husband will probably like.

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 9 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      SweetiePie: Thanks for visiting my hub. One day when I learn a few more tricks and have more time, I will come back to this hub and add more places to actually find with direct links when in the Philippines.

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I enjoy your description of the artist traveler and I hope one day to actually draw something when I travel.

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 9 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Maria C: Thank you. Going back to see my family is always a welcome break even if it's really more work than vacation. I'm new here at HP too although some who had been around for less than 5 weeks have done so much more. I'm still lost sometimes...I'm glad you found me here. I'll see if I can find you, too.

    • profile image

      Maria C 9 years ago from Philippines

      Hope you will enjoy your summer vacation here in the Philippines and get to go to a lot of places. I'm quite new here at HubPages, so see you around!

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 9 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Thanks CW...I like it too that I had to rethink how to present my favorite #7 just to include the quote. I originally wanted to start my Philippine stuff website, but because I am so technologically challenged that website is still parked somewhere. Then I was introduced to wordpress sometime last year, but then I encountered the 'blog scraper' and I'm just using it now as my temporary parking space for my ramdom thoughts.

      When I found HubPages, I thought I'll concentrate on Philippine stuff...thus, my name here--not sure about it now, though. Back to the quote, I think it's a reminder to me that Philippines may not be in most people's list of must-see places, but hopefully, I can reach one traveler at a time.

      Thanks for stopping husband was a drummer too before he bacame a math teacher. He has his drum set waiting in the Philippines whenever we go on vacation during summer break.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Good stuff, Zylla. I especially like the opening quote from G.K.Chesterton.

    • zylla3philippines profile image

      zylla3philippines 10 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Thanks Decresendo! 4 days ago?...and I didn't notice your comment. I'm still lost and hubbing around in search of some illusive tricks of the trade here.

    • Decrescendo profile image

      Decrescendo 10 years ago

      Looks like a good vacation spot.


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