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Shame On The Advocate For Trying To Out Sanjaya On Idol

Updated on April 16, 2007

Shame On The Advocate For Trying To Out Idol’s Sanjaya! – Don’t Get Me Started!

I subscribe to The Advocate and I am always very excited when I get to tell people that my blog was voted one of the top ten by Advocate readers in 2006. But in the recent music issue (April 24, 2007 with Idol dropout Mario Vasquez on the front cover - read my blog about this guy - General Pace and Mario Vasquez DO ask and DO tell!) The Advocate crosses a line that in my opinion is beneath them. Inside the issue is an article discussing the Idol contestants that are gay from past seasons of the show. (The article is gossipy enough to feel like Rona Barrett wrote it in the late 1970's) They interview some of the past Idol contestants who talk about their gayness now that they are out (while promoting their latest musical endeavor) and they talk to a contestant who didn't make it to the final 24 during the current season because he thinks he was a little too gay for the judges' tastes. All of this is fine because the people talking are pretty much talking about themselves. Even the small picture of Clay Aiken and The Advocate raising the question about Clay's gayness is okay as he's an adult, this has long been the topic of public speculation and he has chosen to not address it so he gets what he deserves (while he becomes the Barry Manilow for this generation - um hello...Barry and Clay....hmmmm....enough said.) But before The Advocate decides to be the next Perez Hilton, they need to check themselves. Trying to out a 17 year old (Sanjaya) is a bit much. Shame on The Advocate for trying to out Idol's Sanjaya! - Don't Get Me Started!

For most, coming out is a difficult process and for The Advocate to act this irresponsible when it comes to being sensitive to a teenager (yes, we're talking a teenager here folks, the kid is seventeen) dealing with enough in the spotlight all ready just feels like the bitchy queens at The Advocate are sharpening their tiaras and are hooking their Lee press on nails into a defenseless kid for no other reason than to sell some magazines. Bad enough this kid can't sing and somehow has remained on the show, shouldn't a magazine that has page after page of important stuff like retired military leaders coming forth after the recent comments from General Pace and other important articles keep their bitchiness at bay when it comes to outing teens?

The "outing" of Sanjaya is a small blurb in the corner of the main article and supposedly they're only quoting what "some bloggers" are saying. Well being a blogger myself I know that bloggers can be as accurate as playing "telephone" at a party when you're eight years old. Surfing the web and taking what some people write as the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a dangerous thing to do. I admit that I get a lot of what I write about from the web and we have to understand that it isn't always gospel, in fact most of the time it's opinion from a land where the moon for the misquoted rules supreme. While we bloggers don't claim to be journalists, we should at least make the attempt to do our best to get the facts right. Otherwise it creates the whole, "well, they said" which is the excuse grade school children use so one would think we should do a little better when we become adults. Also when you press people to find out who specifically they're talking about it's always, "well, you know, everyone." This is high school behavior and perhaps that's where The Advocate thinks that they can get a free hall pass to say and do whatever they want. But for those of us who have been reading this magazine for years, we all know that this magazine usually shows it's style and it's intelligence to the level of a masters degree so this current sophomoric misstep we can only hope is just that, a misstep. The failed the test but hopefully they'll ace the midterm to keep a passing grade.

I've never been one of those people who think that everyone is gay because I am because that whole thing I've always felt is insecure people who have the need for everyone to be gay to make them feel better about themselves. But I have many memories of a childhood that were "less than" they could have been because of the hate that was thrown at me on a daily basis growing up Jewish and gay. And whether you're gay or straight, we all know that the teenage years can be difficult for everyone, even the most popular or seemingly popular teens. Have we forgotten how difficult these years can be? And is being glib and sensational better than being sensitive and supportive? I would expect the bloggers of the world and gossip rags to come up with the whole Sanjaya thing but I just expected more from a magazine like The Advocate.

Growing up, my parents didn't really yell at us that much and maybe it has to do with Jewish guilt or something but the worst thing my parents could say to my brother and me was that they were disappointed in us. Well Advocate, I'm disappointed in you. Shame on The Advocate for trying to out Idol's Sanjaya! - Don't Get Me Started!

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