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Should I live with my boy friend before we get married? Will god punish me?

Updated on August 7, 2008

Draw A Line

I think a line needs to be drawn between religion and good common sense when it comes to an important decision such as this. If you and your boyfriend have been together long enough to begin thinking about married life, it is essential that you know if you can live with each other. Whether or not you participate in pre-marital sex is your decision alone, but I suggest that you two do live together for a time. It takes cooperation and patience and many other things to live with another person. However, I do reccomend safe sex and the use of a condom and possibly a birth control pill, to prevent the possibility of unwanted pregnancy and a "shotgun wedding" in case it doesn't work out.

I am not a religious person, but I'm certain your god is more likely to reward you for your wise and thoughtful decisions, rather than punish you for anything so simple as good common sense.

My good wishes to you and your boyfriend.


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    • Lea^ profile image

      Lea Smith 9 years ago

      As far as God punishing you, I believe there are natural consequences for our behavior and this is why God cautions us against doing certain things. I don't believe He is waiting to zap us when we do something wrong. God is on our side; He loves us and wants to protect us from those things that He knows can hurt us. If we listen and live in the way He has planned for us, we will be blessed and see the reasons why. This is true if we disobey Him as well. We will see the reasons and possibly when it's too late.

      Living together can either push you into marrying sooner than you normally would have because of feeling guilty about it or one of you may decide to put marriage off and just live together. The decision to live together is not based on a true committment to one another and sometimes the "when in doubt, don't" concept does need to be heeded. Either way, marriage is a decision that needs to be taken seriously. Don't rush into it. Do things the right way in order to be clear-minded which will help you both make the right decision.

    • Cirpae du Fée profile image

      Cirpae du Fée 9 years ago from The Land of the Fey

      Couldn't agree more. (We're on the very same wavelength here!)

      Cirpae du Fée.

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Very sound advice Nekko! Glad to see you are writing hubs again.