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Simple Ideas to Go Green

Updated on December 28, 2008

How We Can Begin to Save our Environment

The desire to be more environmentally conscious has become a very iconic part of our subculture these days. Whether you look for insight on the web or television, in politics or fashion, technology and entertainment, everyone is talking about the profound impacts our choices today will have on the world of tomorrow. While you may be thinking to yourself that your ability to ‘go green’ is limited by either a constricted work schedule or monetary considerations – think again. Becoming more aware of some simple choices can positively impact your neighbors, your family and your work colleagues – and ultimately the world.

Here are some simple ways to go green without bankrupting your pocketbook, or taking up considerable time. Take a look and see how you might make some common sense adjustments to your current habits:

  • To save energy: install compact fluorescent light bulbs when your older incandescent bulbs wear out, turn down your thermostat a few degrees in the winter and up a few degrees in the summer, unplug those appliances that you aren’t using everyday like the toaster or cell phone charger (computers consume an enormous amount of energy – to make things simple install a power-strip for easy on/off access), and remember to frequently remove the lint from your dryer as it acts as an impediment for your clothes drying faster and with less energy.

  • To save water: take shorter showers, brush your teeth in the shower, install a low-flow showerhead, perhaps think about updating that old toilet with one that is low-flow, check your faucets and water connections for leaks and drains.

  • To save yourself from polluting: stop buying bottled water and buy a Britta, buy two garbage cans from your local hardware store and begin recycling your cardboard and plastics, walk, bike, or carpool to work to save on both gas and the smog your vehicle expels into the environment, join a Costco or Sam’s Club and buy in bulk – it means less packaging, buy rechargeable batteries and recycle your cell phone instead of just throwing it away.

  • To create a better world: purchase products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and made to promote the environment. This can be as simple as going to your local farmer’s market instead of the normal grocery store, or learning to read the labels of product to understand how they are made.

Finally, remember that if you have children your choices will undoubtedly impact their own. Teach your kids that the world around them is changing and that it is our job not only to mitigate that impact, but to right it.



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    • festersporling1 profile image

      Daniel Christian 

      9 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Sounds simple enough. :)


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