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Simple Weight Loss Method

Updated on January 31, 2007

Balance your calories

Let's face it: most diets don't work. The main reason is that dieting means to deprive the body of food which is essential for life. Our most primitive survival instincts resist starvation so once we decide to cut back on intake of food our brain takes charge and slows down our metabolism and increases our appetite. To maintain a healthy weight, we must balance our caloric intake against caloric expenditures. This can be accomplished by monitoring our daily caloric intake and balancing it against the daily caloric expenditures. If we use more calories than we take in, then we lose weight.

The amount of calories one needs is mainly based on his/her weight, age, metabolic rate and level of physical activity. I used to maintain a ledger of my daily caloric intake and estimated my daily caloric expenditures. Before retiring at the end of the day I would add my base caloric requirements to the estimated caloric expenditures due to exercise and deduct the sum from the total estimated calories of food I consumed that day. With this I was able to closely monitor my caloric balance, and therefore maintain my optimum weight. Counting calories is mainly a discipline of knowing what goes in and what comes out. If the balance is off slightly one day, it is fairly easy to adjust the next day and maintain a desired weight. Without counting calories there is a tendency to slip off the chart for a long time and gain a substantial amount of weight which is much more difficult to take off.

Recently, I started using two free Google homepage modules to replace my longhand ledger. These Gadgets are DAILY NUTRITION CHECKLIST and THE GOOGLE 15. The first one helps maintain a log of my daily caloric intake vs. the caloric expenditures. The second one keeps a running list of my weight on a daily basis against a targeted desired weight. These modules can be inserted free into your personalized Google homepage.


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