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So Just Who Do You Think MAKES The Yuletide Gay?

Updated on December 17, 2007

As the Christmas holiday runs up on us like a drunken tailgater with bad brakes, I once again find great humor in the images and voices we see this time of year touting "family values" "Doing the Christian thing" and of course the clamoring many do about wondering what the big man himself, "Jesus Christ" would do? For all of you who are doing last minute shopping, getting your hair done or even just doing a little banking before the holidays, allow me to introduce you to those people you're keeping from marrying, laugh at on television when portrayed as flaming queens and are secretly hoping your son Mike who now wants to be known as Michael K. instead of just Mike isn't one of "us"...the gays. That's right, as my grandmother used to say, we're everywhere but during the holidays as you lick your hand to smooth down Susie's cowlick for that perfect holiday photo just know that somewhere along the way a gay made your holidays as bright as they are by designing that sweater Susie is wearing, by selling it to you at Macy's and finally by taking that family photo of yours (and airbrushing it to make you look prettier than you are). And we gays did it all without wondering whether or not you would accept us or not (believe it or not). So just who do you think MAKES the yuletide gay? - Don't Get Me Started!

You see, we gays tend to be a little like the dog you make stay outside on Christmas because the house is full of people. We stand at the back glass door with our noses pressed against it, seeing our breath cloud against the glass and wondering when we'll be let inside to get warm and be fed. The difference of course is that the dog can't tell you you're an asshole, all they can do is shit on the rug to send their message. But believe me when I say that sometimes I think we gays should do some more shitting in the right places (fetishes and Senator Larry Craig aside).

I'm one of the lucky gays in that I've always just been who I am and therefore you either accepted and loved me, beat me up or ignored me. I've surrounded myself with the right kind of people both personally and professionally so that I don't have to get up every morning and put on a mask like that horrid greasy crap makeup Adrian Arpel sells on QVC. But for some reason when the holidays roll around, I tend to think about all the gays who aren't as fortunate as I am. Does that sound strange? Aren't we supposed to only be thinking about those who are less fortunate than us in the way of needing a home or food and not gays that have no peace on earth within themselves? Well, call me near sighted or whatever you like but I do think about the gays that will sit through endless hours of questions from relatives like, "When are you going to meet a nice girl and settle down?" or even the ones who will hear, "It's just a phase you're going through. Don't worry, one day you'll meet a woman and everything will click and you'll be fine." Not to mention the gays who refuse to accept their gayness and will drink enough alcohol so that their unwanted advances on a cousin's fiancé can be passed off as drunkenness and not gayness. No doubt all of these scenarios will play out this holiday season and for those gays who fall into any of these categories, just know that the rest of us hope the gift you give yourself this year is understanding and compassion. (Dear God, I suddenly sound like a twelve and a half step program or something)

I know there are people out there who welcome gays with open arms and so for all of us, I say, "thank you." I'd like to say that you're the only ones who matter but unfortunately not enough of you make the laws in this country. We gays have to worry about the ones who don't welcome us. The people who will throw a mocking limp wrist down to their co-workers when we pass by when we're catering the holiday office party or the people who go to church for midnight mass Christmas Eve sending prayers up to keep Jesus in their hearts and gays out of the military. How silly really that these uninformed people don't see what is all around them and in everything their holiday is supposed to be about?

Some people say that gay equality can't and shouldn't be compared to civil rights but to those people I say, think about all the women and black people kept from history books who shaped this country and then think about someone or someone you've heard of that was gay who did something that shaped history and tell me that the country and world aren't better for it regardless of the person's sex, skin color or sexual preference? (And believe it or not, we're not just talking about fashion designers and entertainers.)

So for a moment, I ask you to put on your gay colored glasses with me and see the gays who are working like little elves to make sure that Santa's on his way. I also ask you to take a minute to let them know you think they're fabulous. Now don't become Perez Hilton and start outing people, just be kind, courteous (forward this blog to them) and ask yourself what would Scott do? So just who do you think MAKES the yuletide gay? - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      Cathanne, Didn't see 60 minutes but hmmm...interesting and definitely a hub possibility. Thanks. Here's the one I wrote when the military discharged linguists...

    • Cathanne profile image

      Cathanne 10 years ago from Washington

      DId you see 60 minutes last night? About how commanders aren't discharging openly gay soldiers and sailors because they are mission essential and doing good jobs? They are looking the other way whenever it best serves the needs of the military. That's worthy of a good hub. This hub is good, as well.

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 10 years ago from Seattle

      Right on.