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Sonnets of Darkness

Updated on January 16, 2009

This ride that takes me through life leads me into darkness but emerges into light

I started writing poems when i was a 9th grader out of boredom. Then, i found life with all its ups and downs a huge well of inspiration. First, poetry was a thing to pass time then it evolved into a method to express the unexpressable. And finally, it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life.

Sonnnets of darkness is the title of what i call experiences in the dark. As a young teenager heading to adulthood, i found it to me my saviour.I have been blessed to find this remarkable site to post my peoms where people can simply try to connect and post comments and share. I have to say, not all people were so welcoming as those amazing hubbers we have here. And so, filled more confidence i've decided to continue my series of poems and collect them under the title Sonnets of Darkness. The title might resemble nothing to some and alot to me. Yet, it is the content that matters and that's all.

This series includes:

Moments of Emptiness

The Massacre of the fake people

Thoughts written using blood on canvas

Words can cut through our hearts

Confessions of a broken heart: Forgive me father

Burry me r wt's left of me

losing it, losing grip

THe American Dream

Hope you enjoy and share your comments and thoughts. With all that remains after the light fades :



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