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South Beach Diet Phase 1 at Red Robin

Updated on October 17, 2007

If you have seen my previous hubs on this topic, they all follow a pattern. That is that most restaurants, even fast food chains, have something conducive to Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Here, we take a look at popular hamburger chain, Red Robin. Hopefully this helps you find something acceptable on Phase 1 of SBD or any other low-carb diet at this restaurant.


Forget about these, because they are either breaded, fried, breaded and fried, or served with bread or chips for dipping. Instead, start with a side salad and low-carb dressing.


French Onion Soup--Beef stock with caramelized onions, and topped with melted provolone cheese. Ask for the bread to be omitted and also ask them to serve the cheese on the side so you don't use too much.

Red's Homemade Chili Chili--Ground beef and kidney beans with poblano and chipotle peppers. It's topped with onions, cheese and tortilla strips, so just ask for the tortilla strips to be left out.


Side Salad--Just make sure to order a low-carb dressing such as ranch or blue cheese on the side.

Fajita Fiesta Pollo Salad--Seasoned and grilled chicken breast served over salad greens with pepper jack cheese, red and green peppers, corn, onions, black beans and tortilla strips. Ask them to leave out the corn and tortillas, and ask for the salsa-ranch dressing it comes with to be served on the side.

Cobb Salad--Crisp greens with grilled chicken breast, hickory smoked bacon, hard-boiled egg, avocado, black olives, tomatoes, and crumbled blue cheese. It's served with bread, so ask them to leave that out, and again order a low-carb dressing on the side.

Soup and Salad Combo--Here you can order the onion soup or chili with a side salad and low-carb dressing.

Burger 'N Greens--Crisp lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and red bell peppers are topped with a hamburger that has melted swiss cheese on top, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and toasted sesame seeds. Ask for a low-carb dressing on the side for this one as well.


Ensenada Chicken Platter--Two charbroiled chicken breasts basted with Mexican seasonings, and served with a side salad. The chicken also comes with salsa and creamy lime sauce for dipping.

Lettuce-Wrapped Protein Burger--This is South Beach gold. A juicy beef patty is topped with red onions, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese, then wrapped in cool, crisp lettuce. It's served with a side salad and balsamic vinaigrette. The dressing is probably okay, but you might be better off with ranch or blue cheese for SBD Phase 1.


Acceptable beverages on Phase 1 are water, sparkling water, coffee or tea, unsweetened iced tea, diet soft drinks, or skim milk.


As always, have some coffee or tea after your meal, and then go home to have your ricotta creme or sugar-free gelatin.


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    • jimd56 profile image

      James Denice 9 years ago from las vegas NV

      I went to a Red Robin and love it everyone was so nice and the food was good

      but where i live in RI we do not have one

      see you