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South Beach Diet Phase 1 at Bob Evans

Updated on April 26, 2007

Just like at Denny's, there are very few options for Bob Evans Restaurants if you are on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. You can find them, though, if you look carefully enough, or if you ask your server to make a few small adjustments.

I took a look at the menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Bob Evans, and came up with these choices for Phase 1:


Turkey & Spinach Omelet--Fresh spinach and tomatoes are cooked right into a 3-egg omelet, and it's then stuffed with turkey and Monterey Jack cheese, and topped with cheddar. You may want to have them omit the cheese on top just to cut back on the amount of full-fat cheese. It's served with home fries and biscuits but you can ask for something like sliced tomatoes instead.

Western Omelet--A 3-egg omelet is filled with smoked ham, onions, green peppers, red peppers, and cheddar cheese. Again, omit the cheese on top, as well as the biscuit and potatoes, and opt for some tomato slices.

Ham & Cheddar Omelet--Pretty much the same as the western omelet, without the vegetables.

Steak & Eggs--2 eggs and a sirloin steak. It doesn't say how large the steak is, but I'm guessing it's at least 6 ounces, in which case you may want to cut it in half before eating. As with the omelets, try asking for tomato slices instead of the potatoes and bread.

Two eggs, any style, can also be ordered ala carte with bacon or sausage. Bob Evans has Country Lite sausage links, which would be a great choice as a lean meat on Phase 1. Bacon is also generally acceptable but limit it to two slices taht are well-done (i.e. more fat cooked off).

For breakfast beverages, your best options are water, lowfat milk, tomato juice, coffee, tea, or unsweetened iced tea.


As with many other restaurants, your best lunch choices for Phase 1 are salads. Here are two that fit the bill at Bob Evans:

Cobb Salad--Crisp greens are topped with chicken, bacon, hard-boiled egg, grape tomatoes, scallions, and cheddar and blue cheeses. There are a few dressing options, but stick to those that are low in carbs, such as ranch or blue cheese--on the side.

Country Spinach Salad--Baby spinach is topped with chicken, bacon, grape tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, almond slivers and scallions. It's topped with a hot bacon dressing, so ask for this on the side or opt for ranch or blue cheese, which likely has less sugar than the hot bacon.

Drink options for lunch are water, lowfat milk, unsweetened iced tea, Diet Coke, coffee or tea.


Grilled Chicken--Two marinated chicken breasts are grilled and served with a choice of barbecue sauce or garlic herb butter. Your best bet is to ask for the butter on the side, but don't use much of it or omit it altogether. This meal is served with a baked potato and steamed broccoli, so ask for mixed vegetables or a side salad instead of the potato. Also avoid the biscuits or rolls with this or any entree on Phase 1.

Salmon Fillet--And 8 ounce portion of Atlantic salmon, which, just like the grilled chicken, is served with either barbecue sauce or garlic herb butter. Your best choice again is to ask for the butter, on the side. It comes with a baked potato and mixed vegetables, so ask for broccoli or a salad instead of the potato.

Steak Monterey--A marinated sirloin steak is cooked to order and smothered in grilled mushrooms and onions, then topped with Monterey Jack cheese. It's served with a baked potato and mixed vegetables, so ask for broccoli or a salad on the side instead.

Sides--Acceptable sides are garden vegetables (provided that there are no carrots, corn or beets), cottage cheese (as long as it's not full-fat), steamed broccoli, green beans with ham, or garden salad. If you order a salad, choose a low-carb dressing on the side, such as ranch or blue cheese.

For beverages with dinner, your best choices are water, unsweetened iced tea, lowfat milk, coffee, tea, or Diet Coke.


If you've read my other hubs on this topic, this is going to sound the same. Skip the dessert here altogether, and just have some coffee or tea. Then have some ricotta creme or sugar free gelatin when you get home. The desserts at Bob Evans or at any restaurant are loaded with sugar, fat, or both.


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