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South Beach Diet Phase 1 at Cracker Barrel

Updated on August 6, 2007

Dining out on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet sure is easier when a restaurant offers low-carb options to begin with. Such is the case with Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. Known for home style Southern cooking, Cracker Barrel serves delicious food that may or may not be fried or fat-laden. But they also offer some really great options if you're watching your carbs. Some of those options may or may or may not work just right for Phase 1, and we'll get into that. But for now, here are the options offered on Cracker Barrel's low-carb menu that you can enjoy on Phase 1 with little or no modification:


Country Grilled Sampler--Three eggs are cooked to order with a sampling of bacon, sausage and ham. It's also served with sliced tomatoes instead of any kind of potatoes or toast. With a small sampling of each kind of meat, this is probably okay, but you may want to skip the sausage, which probably has more fat than anything you want with Phase 1.

Double Meat Breakfast--Three eggs cooked to order with a full order of bacon and full order of sausage. Even on Phase 1, you don't need this much meat, but if you do order this, see if they can substitute ham for sausage. This one also comes with sliced tomatoes.

Eggs N' Meat--Three eggs cooked to order and served with bacon or sausage, with sliced tomatoes. Again, either go with the bacon or have ham instead if possible.

Beverages with breakfast that are acceptable on Phase 1 are water, coffee, diet soft drinks, unsweetened iced tea, tomato juice, hot tea, or skim milk

Lunch and Dinner

Half Pound Bacon Cheeseburger--A half pound burger is cooked to order with no bun, topped with bacon and Colby cheese. It's served with your choice of three sides, and acceptable ones are listed below.

Grilled Chicken Salad--Fresh greens are topped with marinated grilled chicken, a wedge of Colby cheese, red onion, tomato, and a whole hard boiled egg. Low-carb dressing options are blue cheese, peppercorn and buttermilk ranch.

Grilled Steak Salad--8 oz. of grilled sirloin steak are served over fresh greens, tomato, red onion and crumbled blue cheese. Also served with the low-carb dressing of your choice.

Country Chef Salad--Fresh greens are topped with turkey breast, smoked ham, bacon, Colby cheese, boiled egg, tomato, and red onion. As with the other salads, order a low-carb dressing option.

Spicy Grilled Catfish--Two grilled catfish fillets are served with your choice of three sides. You probably can just eat one fillet and box the other one up to take home--unless of course you are traveling without a cooler.

Smothered Grilled Chicken Tenderloin--Grilled Chicken Tenderloins are covered with bacon and melted Colby cheese and served with three sides.

Grilled Roast Beef--Thick cut roast beef is grilled and then smothered with sauteed onions and mushrooms. Also served with three sides.

Grilled Chicken Tenderloin--Six grilled chicken tenderloins are served with your choice of three sides.

Grilled 8 oz. Sirloin Steak--8 oz. of Top Sirloin steak are lightly seasoned and grilled to order, then served with three sides.

Half-pound Hamburger Steak--Cooked to order and served with two sides of your choice.

The Rib Eye Steak is also on the low-carb menu, but as a fattier cut of red meat, this is not recommended for any phase of the South Beach Diet.

Side Dishes

Acceptable Phase 1 Sides are green beans, turnip greens, or a side salad. dressingsAs with the other salads mentioned above, the best dressings are low-carb offerings such as blue cheese, peppercorn, or buttermilk ranch. They also offer Tabasco spiced pork rinds, but these are deep fried fat, and therefore not an option on any phase of SBD.

Beverages--Acceptable beverages on Phase 1 for lunch or dinner are water, unsweetened iced tea, diet soft drinks, skim milk, coffee or tea.


As always, have some coffee or tea, then enjoy your sugar free gelatin or ricotta creme at home.


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    • profile image

      Georgia girl 6 years ago

      I work at Cracker Barrel and trust me, anyone on any kind of diet doesn't want to eat there. Totally cooked with lots of lard and fattening.

    • Nashville G-man profile image

      Nashville G-man 9 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      so glad I could help! Hope you're hanging in there...Phase 1 is tough, but generally the results are worth it

    • profile image

      Eve 9 years ago

      Thanks, G-man, for providing all this restaurant information. I'm a fledgling Phase 1, and this has been a lifesaver!

      I mean, who knew Cracker Barrel did low-carb? FABULOUS!