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Sports: A new emerging Industry in Asia, China proved it.

Updated on August 21, 2008

Chris Hoy of Great Britain: A Life time invesment.

Elena Isinbaeva of Russia: A queen and a star

Micheal Phelps of USA: Create History

Usin Bolt of Jamaica: Millionaire

Sport, a bright future in Asia.

China, Beijing Olympic 2008, the opening is very spectacular indeed, one of the best, from one huge nation that most the so call developed nation is sceptical for it capabilities to handle.

A few month before the Olympic start, most sport bodies and athletes around the world are worried about the smog that engulf Beijing might cause problem for them to preform and risk their health. Beside that, some uncanny athletes that arrived in Beijing before the games, used provocative manner to show their displeasure towards the smog issue.

Undesirable and robust Tibetan political issue also arise before the Olympic start that nearly bring the Olympic to collapse. Not just that, most world famous media also tries to enlighten isolated issues about the games venues, that coincide with the land and development issue surrounding the historical site and of it human rights.

How about China themselves, that faced the biggest natural disaster, earth quake that perished thousand of its population. Add salt to the wound that already been done by bad images and critic, China also have to geared up its safety measure before, during, and after the games, where they have to deploy whatever resources they have so that games is free from terrorist threat.

Alas...with all the challenges and obstacle, China have proven and shown to the world their capability to treat and entertain the world with a reality of grid and desire to give the best what they can do. Bravo to China.

Sports, as we all knew is already a phenomenon industries in developed nation, where big corporate, agents, and athletes alike is making big buck. Hopefully from this Beijing Olympic 2008 success, will bring the desired development of sport industries to Asian nation, where most still sceptical about about the goods it bring to every young aspiring athletes that Asian nation have. Lets the big buck that every nation have spend to build world class sports infrastructure can be use, shared and fully utillised among the Asian nation to train and upgrade their aspiring athletes to become world beater.

We also hope that the sport agent and the big corporate will open their big arms to come and developed the sport industries in Asia, that is fall far behind the so called develope nation. To the so called developed nation, that is way far ahead in terms of sport industries, don't just critic us, but guide and bring us along, according to our style and culture. China have proven it.

We can't change Asian to wear shoes into their houses, and when you come to our house, you also cannot wear shoes in our houses, or you risk to be called impolite, because it has been inherited from our fore fathers. Give Asia young aspiring kids to be a millionaire too, by giving them chances to be developed according to their values, and open their mindset to to new level of how they succeed. This is an area where should be focus by any sport indivual who is doing their works in Asia.


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