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Sports Fan or Sports Fanatic - the Scary Dark Side of Sports Supporters

Updated on August 30, 2008

Even At Their Most Benign They Are Kinda Scary

The Basketball Fan After Plastic Surgery to Make Him Look More Like His Idol

Fanatic's Baby - the Head Spins

Word net defines a sports fan “as an enthusiastic devotee of sports" which sounds reasonable and about right. The big W, as you would expect has a bit more to say on the matter.

A fan is someone who has an intense and occasionally overwhelming liking of a sporting club, or a person or a group of persons. Fans constitute a fan base, or fandom. Fans may hold fan conventions, they may start a fan club, create fanzines, write fan mail, or engage in similar activities which take over a significant portion of their lives.

Individual fans may become so fascinated with the objects of their infatuation that they become obsessive. These fans undertake activities i.e. do stuff, that are considered extreme or abnormal. Fans have been known after putting their idols up on the proverbial pedestal to almost or actually worship their idol, even to the point of creating a personal shrine dedicated to the above mention idol. Fans can become so obsessed they become stalkers waiting with autograph pen and scrapbook in hand for their unsuspecting idol to come out of their building. A quick duck off to the corner shop to get some milk becomes a frightening and possibly even life threatening experience.

At this end of the spectrum we are well into the extreme and very scary examples of the sports fan.

The term fan of course is a derivative of fanatic which pretty well can be defined as a holder of extreme or irrational enthusiasm or beliefs.

So what started out as being an enthusiastic devotee of sports has become an infatuated obsessive stalker who creates fandoms or fanzines, engages in abnormal behaviour, has irrational beliefs and hold ceremonies in their own personal shrine to their Idol.

I will never ever call myself a sports fan again.

And Last -The Snake


Ok so this is a lighthearted and dare I say irreverent approach to a great institution - The Sports Fan. But are they really scary? Do they ever cross the line and become someone you need to cross the street when you see them coming or avoid eye contact with at all costs?

Here are just a few of the more well known examples of the sports fan gone bad.

  • Albrecht Stromeyer, 34, who stalked the world's No1 women's tennis player, Serena Williams, was recently jailed for a year.
  • Martina Hingis's obsessed Australian fan Dubravko Rajcevic, 46, was given two years.
  • Monica Seles was knifed in Hamburg in 1993 by an unstable fan of Steffi Graf. And Chris Evert once had a crazed spectator sit in her bedroom cupboard undetected for three days writing her love letters.
  • Australian Richmond AFL player Greg Stafford revealed he had been pestered by a woman for five years. The case came to light when the woman jumped the MCG fence, telling security staff she was Stafford's wife, When interviewed on television she claimed: "I am not guilty of stalking Greg ... I am guilty of loving Greg."

Oh man that is so scary


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