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Updated on June 9, 2008

SpyZooka is an antispyware program developed and marketed by BluePenguin Software Inc. SpyZooka was first for sale back in 2004 and is the only antispyware software that claims to remove 100% of your spyware. But does it live up to these lofty claims?

Personally I think the antispyware industry is out of control. I mean they sell software that is supposed to detect and remove your spyware.

But even leading pc resources like PC Magazine state that even the best antispyware software will remove 90% of your spyware. That's why I was so interested in trying out SpyZooka and their 100% removal claims.

I'm a computer programmer so I know quite a lot about software and can easily tell the difference between low quality software and top notch software.

I decided to test out SpyZooka by setting up a virtual machine on my pc. A virtual machine is basically like running another computer within your computer. This way I can download spyware to my pc without actually infecting my pc.

I spent about an hour surfing the net and downloading spyware. When I was confident I had a large enough sample of spyware on my pc I downloaded SpyZooka to test it out.

The SpyZooka install was very simple. I didn't have to restart my pc or anything. Its also a faster install because its such a small file.

I really appreciate that SpyZooka is such a small file. The problem with a lot of the antispyware software is the software gets so bloated with extra code the software itself runs slow and will slow down your computer. SpyZooka doesn't seem to have this problem.

I'm guessing BluePenguin has a skilled software architect on staff to map out how all the code works together. This is beyond what simply a programmer can do. I'll even admit I'm not great at planning out the code.

What this means essentially is SpyZooka doesn't have the bloated code that a lot of the other antispyware software has, it runs on less resources, it has fewer bugs and defects than software with bloated code and it won't slow down your pc. These are all things I like!

I paid for SpyZooka (which by the way is the same price or less than the competition). Registration was simple.

Then I ran a full scan on my virtual machine.

The scan is fairly quick. I would say it's a little faster than most of the other antispyware software, but I haven't tested any exact times either.

SpyZooka found 12 trojans, 11 adware, 12 tracking cookies, and 10 spyware. I was surprised that I was able to get so much spyware on my pc so fast.

There were a couple Trojans that had to be removed by me restarting my pc and running a scan on startup. I was glad to see that SpyZooka included these simple directions and that they are doing the research to make sure they know how to remove the spyware on your pc. Many of the lesser known and lower quality antispyware programs don't include advanced instructions like this, so your spyware doesn't get removed.

I downloaded a couple other popular antispyware programs to see if they could detect anything that SpyZooka missed. I tried Spy Sweeper and Spyware Doctor.

Spy Sweeper picked up 10 cookies that Spyzooka missed. Spyware Doctor picked up 21 cookies that Spyzooka didn't. I was actually unhappy to see this result. Why? Because I'm tired of antispyware vendors making everything on your computer into spyware just so they scare you into buying their software.

Cookies are not spyware. I like the fact that Spyzooka picked up a few cookies on my pc, but most antispyware software will detect cookies that aren't even spyware. Some antispyware vendors include a lot of programs like the alexa toolbar (which is owned by and label them as spyware. But I was happy to see that Spyzooka doesn't detect these programs that you want to keep on your pc.

When I run antispyware software I want it to detect and remove spyware, and not remove programs that I want to keep on my pc.

It seems at this point that Spyzooka removed all my spyware as the other two antispyware software didn't detect any spyware. However I was still getting a few popups. I thought it might be because I was online. So I disconnected my computer from the internet and I still got the popups.

SpyZooka has a simple process to upload a scan report to them and they'll give you a free update within 24 hours to remove your spyware. I followed the directions, which are very simple.

All I did was run a scan, click a tab after the scan, enter my email and clicked Send Report.

About 12 hours later I received an email from Spyzooka support saying that they uploaded new definitions to remove my infection.

All I had to do was click the update button on Spyzooka. After the update was complete I ran a scan, and removed 2 adware programs.

After this all my popups were gone. I took a deeper look at my virtual machine and it appeared that all the spyware had been removed by Spyzooka.

Next I tested out the SpyGuard feature in SpyZooka. SpyGuard is a set of guards within Spyzooka that helps prevent spyware from infecting your pc.

What I did was try to download spyware onto my virtual machine again and see if Spyguard would block it. I'm happy to say that spyguard was able to block all the spyware from infecting my pc.

However, I doubt that Spyguard would be able to block 100% of all spyware. It did block the spyware in my small test sample, but I'm not confident that it can block all the spyware out there. But I think it is at least as effective or possibly even a little better at blocking spyware than the competition.

Overall I would give Spyzooka 5 out of 5 stars. I wish it would have removed those two adware on the first scan, but getting the free update in 12 hours really impressed me. There is no other antispyware vendor that could accomplish that.

If you are looking for antispyware software right now I would recommend Spyzooka over any other antispyware software.

Find out more about SpyZooka


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