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Starvation a short story by a new author

Updated on September 28, 2008




The frozen world lay still, white. The cold had driven most of the life away. The way of the world slowed, but never does it halt, not here. Those of us bound to life by killing, lusted for flesh. My last meal was only a distant memory and the emptiness gnawed at my insides.

We were together, she and I, as we had always been since I have ever known to be complete. Side by side our paws crunched through the powder. The two of us left the pack many moons ago as we were often forced to do in lean times. I worried how much longer the strength would stay in her legs but she faithfully pushed on.

All of a sudden the wind changed and whipped off the approaching hill. The familiar scent of blood hit my nose. With excitement I took off racing to reach the top with her by my side. We alternately extended and contracted our legs as our sleek bodies ascended. Once we reached the top we both stopped dead in our tracks. Gazing down below, I could see steam rising from a fresh kill. The object of our obsession lay sitting out in the open, tranquil valley. Instead of running down to claim our prize we sat frozen atop the hill. Something did not feel right. Without glancing over I knew she had sensed the same uneasiness. The choice was already made. Without this meat we could not continue. I had vowed long ago to protect her and always put myself at risk before any harm could befall her. A charge of power moved me and I took off down the decline, bounding through drifts.

When I neared the beast I noticed the night birds gathered around with their gleaming onyx eyes, talking as they ate. My arrival caused many to take flight. The others I snapped at decisively to demonstrate my dominance as I found my place next to the carcass. I violently ripped at the meat. A sense of euphoria resonated from my mouth and fed the fiber of my body. The blood drizzled from my jaws over the diamond studded silk below. I lost all sense of my surroundings and was enraptured by every taste of kill. I was so consumed that I forgot; they would come. As I smacked my lips with the wet sand paper in my mouth, a shudder came over me.

A shadowy figure appeared on the crest opposite from where I left her. I could not make him out but I knew his kind. He looked like me, but twice my size, black as darkness with a fire in his eye as evil as man. His fir bristled up. Each and every pore of my body tightened forcing my hair to stand on end. I could feel the terror pouring in, warming my chest first, and oozing out to every limb. I knew that I could not turn in the direction where I left her. Just as he began his descent I bolted away from him and also from her. I fled screaming, to both keep her away and focus his attention on me. I ran with the fury of self preservation, unyielding, not even taking the time to look back. I could hear the soft pounding of their pads on the snow. I expected to hear only two, but now many sets were bearing down. I could see the forest lying ahead. I knew that once among the trees I could lose them. But, they were growing ever closer. The howls pierced through the silence as a rally for their lucid pursuit. I could sense the hot breath licking my hind quarter. Then, snap! A bolt of lightning struck my leg, the teeth sunk in deep. I tumbled and fell. Instantly another set of razors clamped onto my skull. They were all around me tearing away at my skin with violent jerks. I could not wrest myself from their savage dismembering. Their brutality rendered me helpless, swollen with fear. I could hear my bones crunch as they worked.

In the midst of all the pain and confusion stillness fell. I felt her turn back to look at me; all I could see was her face. Her eyes and mine frozen together for an eternally peaceful bliss. I could see deeply in her that she understood. The horror of the moment then gave way to crystal clarity. Darkness ensued; I drifted away, far away.


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