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Stay Cool

Updated on June 30, 2008

Rewards yourself by not losing your temper

Stay Cool under pressure

The phone’s ringing and ringing and . . . your supervisor is hollering for your attention and . . . the principal at your child’s school is on the other line with you right now describing your child’s latest outbursts, a stunt that gained lots of laugh from classmates and suspension from school . . .

You feel your temperature rising. It’s almost as if your insides are a pot full of water on a stove that’s getting hotter with each new experience. And just like a pot that boils over on a stove, without anyone having to tell you, you clearly know that if you don’t get your pressure down, you’re gonna create a mess out of your rising emotions.

So what do you do? Well, that decision is up to you and only you. But there are several proven steps you can take to bring the pressure down. Keeping the image of the pot boiling on the stove in your mind’s eye, these steps will help you to turn the heat beneath the eye (the pressure inside of you) down to the point where the pot (you) can easily handle the experience/s you are living through.

These steps have been proven and often used to help relieve pressure

Change your environment

Go someplace different. This does not have to be a long environmental change. For example, if you’re at work and to-do lists are piling up and you feel yourself getting hot with wondering “how am I going to get all of this done”, get up and walk around the building, step away to the bathroom, go to the cafeteria and get a cup of water, etc. Watch/monitor how you feel. Do you feel your emotional compass shifting?

Take regular breaks

Whether you work in or outside the home, set aside time each day to get out in nature. Do what you enjoy/love what you are out in nature. You could go for a 15-minute bike ride, walk at a local park or school track and field, work in your garden, etc. In fact, I dare you to get out in nature each day and try not to change.

Listen to music you love throughout the day

Bored at your computer? Find a radio station that provides downstreamed music that you absolutely love! Listen to the music throughout much of your day. You just might be surprised at how quickly the day goes when you have something you love constantly around.

Sing a song

Create your own music. While you walk into work or drive home, make up a song and sign it like you’re on stage singing to the audience you consider “perfect” for you. Yes. The way you start and finish an experience carries over further into your day!

Talk with a friend

Go find a friend or call a friend on the phone and chat about things that make you laugh or anything you choose to discuss that will find your feeling good. If it’s a really good friend, you may find that all it takes is hearing your friend’s voice and already you start feeling better!

Count your blessings

In your head, on a computer screen or on a piece of paper, review your day, week, etc. and count your blessings until you reach ten or until the counting begins to feel like a chore. Remember the key is to relieve pressure, not feel you are obligated to do something and then find pressure building for you again.

There are a myriad of steps you can discover and take that will raise your vibrations and ease pressure you might be experiencing. Love yourself and discover excellent, quick and easy, pressure relievers that work for you! They exist. Go on a treasure hunt! Find them! Use them regularly because life doesn’t often go the way we’ve planned, but if you stay in good vibrations, joy and peace will be common emotions you experience (that flow through you).

Let’s do it!


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