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Staycation- Vacation at home in your swimming pool or backyard

Updated on December 16, 2008

Vacation at Home

GAS is $4/gallon and no end in sight! Food prices are making eating out a very expensive venture! Now is the time to figure out how to enjoy your home - your own backyard in most cases -- and get the rest and relaxation that comes with a vacation. You can do it! All you need is a little help.

First, change your thinking about improving your home to be a restful space. We've seen people stop eating out one night a week for the family and have enough money saved to make the monthly payment on a swimming pool. Now, we're partial to pools (, of course, but the STAYCATION concept can work on a variety of levels.

First, access what you have to work with for space, privacy and relaxation ability. Can you put in a pool, hot tub or patio area? Will you be able to create the environment that is private and quiet (or loud) for you?

Think about what can be done and then start planning. You will find that this process can help you reach your bliss.

Once you have a plan, think about how you will incorporate the features that are most 'vacation' like. Will you have water, fire, sounds, smells? Design your space so you can enjoy it.

Now, to make a vacation at home work you have to change the routine. Stop with the chores. Stop reading the normal things. Stop. You need to have a special routine for this. Sleep in the guest room or the kid's playhouse. Hang out in the hammock. Turn off the internet and other 'worldly' technology and put yourself somewhere else.

Do you have a blender? Make some exotic drinks. Wear something special (use all your imagination here). Eat some foods that you normally would not or work on a theme -- such as Island Adventure -- eating kiwi or other things that you routinely pass over in the supermarket. Store your vacation items in a special place so that you can make the experience more special

It can be done. Save the money and enjoy your home and relax. You deserve it.

Staying at Home and Enjoying the Pool


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    • profile image

      Karen Reader 7 years ago

      I love the savings plan to save up for a pool. I'm sure the family would enjoy a backyard swim everyday more than a once a week dinner.