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Stressed Out To Fatness

Updated on December 21, 2008

Everyone knows that stress is a killer. It is known to cause ulcers, anxiety, depression and can even cause loss of short term memory. But did you know that stress can cause weight gain?

Recently, I was watching a television documentary on the results of one man's 30 year research on stress in a social society. It was shocking to see the scientifically proven effects of stress on an "animal" over an extended period of time. The research was performed by observing baboons, who have a similar social structure as humans.

The research confirmed the things we all assumed stress caused: anxiety, depression, suppression of the immune system and short term memory loss.

But I was shocked by the finding that stress can cause weight gain. Not only that, the weight gained from stress is concentrated in the stomach and torso, probably the most unhealthy location to have fat.

I had been suffering from depression and stress, and I experienced first hand the weight gain in the mid-section. So I went on a mission to correct the problem. Here are the steps I took to rid myself of that excess weight that also helped my mental state.

Be Honest With Yourself

The first thing I did was get honest with myself about the situation. I realized all the excuses I used not to lose weight. For example, I like eating because it makes me feel better, exercise and I just don't get along, and even that I don't care about myself.

Stop Making Excuses

 The next thing I did was see that my excuses were selfish. Even if I didn't care about myself others did, especially my family. So I made it a point to not use excuses again.

Eat Healthy

 Next, I started eating vegetables, fruits and grains and even enlisted my family so I didn't have those temptations in the fridge and pantry.

I them started to talk more about how I felt. That really helped to reduce my stress level and it make me feel like my weight loss goals could be realized.

I didn't jump into exercise, instead I started to do some "brisk walking". This helped me to burn calories and allowed me time to deal with my issues in a calm, neutral setting. After some time, I was able to break down those issues and I could see that I could resolve them.

Next, I started to be social again. For the longest time I stayed by myself and wallowed in my misery.

Things weren't easy at first. There were days that I didn't want to get out of bed. But a good support system in my family made the difference.

Why am I telling you all this? One reason is that is therapeutic. another is that I might be able to help someone. I used to think that "taking" make me feel good but I came to the realization that giving made me feel much better. The thought that I could have a positive impact on someone made all the difference in the world.

Stress and weight gain are killers. If you have stress or are overweight, there is hope! Don't give up and involve your family - after all, who loves you more!



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