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Stuffed pepper recipes

Updated on February 19, 2007

One of my favorite meals to make with bell peppers is Stuffed Bell Peppers. I modified my mother's recipe to come up with something that easy, delicious, requires little prep time and the kids like it, which makes it even better. This recipe is very moist and has some spice to it, which is what I love.

Ingredients include the following.

  • peppers (one per person)
  • ground beef (1 pound for 4 people)
  • instant rice (2 cups for 4 people)
  • ketchup
  • cayenne pepper

Cook the rice according to the package directions. While this is cooking I put the ground beef into a large mixing bowl and cut the tops off the bell peppers and clean out the insides. Once the rice is done I add that to the beef and mix together with a fork. At this point I add ketchup, enough to make it moist, and cayenne pepper to taste. The ketchup prevents the stuffing from getting dried out in the cooking process. The cayenne pepper gives the dish a little kick, which is what I like.

Once it is mixed thoroughly I will spoon it into the bell peppers, making sure it is mounded on the top above the rim of the bell pepper. I bake these in a corningware dish at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour, basically until the center is no longer pink. Once done, place on plates and serve. It is very easy to add onions to this dish as well. This recipe is a favorite around here and I hope you like it as well!


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    • profile image

      Lisa 10 years ago

      Great recipe! Simple and tasty. Add a few onions and it gives even a little more flavor... Thank you Jennifer! Aloha, Lisa

    • profile image

      Richard Womack 10 years ago

      Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe by jennifer. They turned out great and I will keeep your recipe for the future. probably next time I will add a bit more cayenne, cause I didn't know how much to add, so I lightly sprinkled the mixture. The end result ...was a hint of flavor without any bite, but they were very good. just about like Moms. Thankyou for sharing... Richard W.