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Subtle Hatred Toward Gay Marriage? I Think Not So Subtle!

Updated on June 25, 2008

I came across this article on the Internet and thought to myself, "Are we hearing about this now because California just began allowing same sex marriage and "they" (the infamous "they") want to show how immoral we are and how us homosexuals lack any sense of ethics or moral code?" Yeah, probably. Subtle hatred toward gay marriage? I think not so subtle! - Don't Get Me Started!

Here's an excerpt from the article:

RICHMOND, Va. (June 23) - The couple walked into a Norfolk courthouse on a spring day, exchanged a few words, and within 10 minutes, were seemingly husband and wife.It was an unremarkable ceremony - except that several weeks later, officials realized the shapely bride might not have been a woman.

Now authorities in Virginia, where same-sex marriages are illegal, are weighing whether to file misdemeanor charges against the couple, Antonio E. Blount, 31, and Justin L. McCain, 18. An announcement is expected this week.

A prosecutor says the decision to press charges could turn on whether the pair knowingly misled officials when they applied for a license and later, traveled to a courthouse for a ceremony. If the bride was transgender, and identified as a woman, it is unclear whether the marriage would be considered illegal.

The pair went to Newport News Circuit Court on March 24 to obtain a marriage license - McCain appearing as a woman and saying the name "Justine" before a deputy, said Newport News Circuit Court clerk Rex Davis.

McCain produced a Virginia driver's license, but a design quirk - the 'm' or 'f' for male or female appears directly against a darkened state seal - meant nobody noticed McCain's gender, Davis said.

"When things are rolling along and you don't have any reason to suspect that somebody is not being completely forthright with you, you might not take the time to check," said Davis, who issues about 2,200 licenses a year.

The same day, the couple traveled 19 miles south to Norfolk, where local marriage commissioner Al Coward performed the ceremony.

"They pawned themselves off as a man and a woman, and they did a very good job," he said.

Now while I believe that this couple truly misled authorities in order to be married it seems as if once again, "the straightees" seem more interested in playing the victim to the "big bad gays" than about the law being broken. And much like the fraternity guy who has to "cover up" his exploratory gay exploits while testing his sexuality, the idea is to strike back against the gays for their deceptive powers that somehow made their dick land in the hypnotic gay's mouth before they themselves are labeled a "fag", the authorities here seem to be working under the same set of rules when they say, "they pawned themselves off as a man and woman, and they did a very good job." Only by the gays doing a "very good" disguise job (no doubt worthy of Mission Impossible - the TV series where the character you would least suspect would suddenly start tearing off his face and there he was, Peter Graves under a mask that really was the other actor but you didn't care because it was always shocking and always good) rather than the authorities not doing their job and checking things out appropriately to begin with when they let the two get married.

Look, I don't know if the person that was the "bride" is a transgender person or not and if they are, that brings up a whole other set of thoughts and issues for everyone. They broke the law. I know a lot of people have a Baretta mentality - "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Whoa oh oh oh" But one could argue there are lots of laws on the books in many states that don't get enforced. And frankly no one would have known they broke the law if Justin hadn't gone back to the courthouse to change his name to Penelopsky Aaryonna Goldberry the following month. (I'll give you Justin, Justine or Penelopsky is not all that bright and come on if you were going to pick a new name would that be your choice?) But honestly, weren't the officials the ones that screwed this up in the first place? As someone who personally walked around with an "F" over the word "Sex" on my driver's license for three years - read the blog here ) I know that the officials are usually more upset about having a mistake discovered than they are about the mistake itself. It took practically an act by God to get my license changed back.

I guess at the end of it all, I just feel as though this is another way for the powers that be to exploit a situation to show that we gays don't deserve to be married. Trust me, if I read one more comment from someone about the fact that marriage's sole purpose it to repopulate our overcrowded planet I'm going to puke. I won't go into the argument that asks why men who marry women and physically one or the other can't have children or chose not to have children should be married because I'd be stooping to their level and I'm only 5'4" to begin with anyway. I just think we're going to see many more articles that try to paint us as fools before this is over. And that's a real crime.

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