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SummerTime Means Baseball Fun

Updated on May 27, 2008

Summertime is almost here and that means baseball is in full swing. Not so much professional baseball but youth league baseball.

As a youth league coach in the NY Metro area I look forward to the game time; almost as must as I did when I played Little League back as a young boy.

It's not so much about the game, but the enjoyment I get out of seeing the kids growing together as a team, showing progress in their baseball skills and seeing the excitement in their eyes playing a game under the lights.

Baseball is special for the kids and their parents. To see how proud they are - it's awesome. But it's special for many youth baseball league coach too! It makes all the practice and inconveniences so worth it.

Many adults would never consider being a youth baseball coach. The impression of a coach is all work and no play. I guess that's understandable, given the way our media shoves everything negative down our throats. They give us the impression that everything is bad - but it really isn't!

The negatives of coaches are real, there is no denying that, but the positives are there too! Coaching is a big responsibility, takes your precious spare time and can be a big pain at times. But I can give you one positive aspect that outweighs all of the negatives put together. It may not happen right away but when it does - boy it will put everything in perspective and make you realize how fortunate you were to coach.

That's when your walking down the street or shopping at the supemarket and a young adult comes up to you to tell you what a positive influence you've been on their life - so much so that they are going to carry on the legacy.

There is no greater feeling!!!!


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