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Super Gas Saver Tips: 5 Super Methods to Save Gas and Money

Updated on July 19, 2008
Photo from ninjapoodles/Flickr
Photo from ninjapoodles/Flickr

How to Achieve Incredible Gas Mileage Improvements

Millions of people are suffering the distressing effect of rising gas prices, and they are constantly searching for any super gas saver that could end their misery. If you're one of them, don't despair!

In this article, I will reveal 5 super gas saver tips to help you save money on fuel costs and keep your car in excellent condition.

Super Gas Saver Tip # 1 - Handle Gas Wisely.

Here's a fuel-efficient technique when you're pumping gas. Once the gas tank is full, turn and tap the nozzle slightly so that any little gas left can trickle down to your car. Then immediately remove the gas nozzle to prevent any gas from evaporating.

Tighten the gas cap firmly. You will know it's already tight when you hear a few clicking sounds.

Make sure that your gas cap is not loose or broken. If the gas cap is not fully functional, gas will evaporate and this could cost you gallons of wasted fuel.

Super Gas Saver Tip # 2 - Check Your Tires.

Ensure that your car's tires are all inflated sufficiently, as this has been proven to increase gas mileage.

Underinflated tires put more strain on the car engine, and will therefore reduce the distance that your car can cover for the same amount of fuel. The more effort your car exerts, the more gas it will burn. In addition to that, underinflated tires deteriorate easily and have a shorter life span.

A recommended practice is to check your tire pressure at least once a month, or more often - if you drive long distances frequently.

You can determine the right amount of your car's air pressure by looking over the owner's manual. You may also find it written at the driver's side door.

If don't know how to properly inflate your tires, you could always have an attendant check your tires' air pressure and inflate them if needed.

Super Gas Saver Tip # 3 - Lighten Up Your Car's Load.

Any excess weight your car carries will make it work harder; hence, the more gas it will consume. Take away anything that is unimportant or unnecessary from your car, especially heavy objects.

Remember this rule: Remove anything you won't use. If you put stuffs on your compartment for use on a special occasion, don't forget to remove them once you're done with them. Clean your car often to remove any clutter. Your car is a means of transport, not a storage space for items.

And here's another super gas saver. If you own a vehicle with a removable 3rd row seating, detach it if you have no additional passengers. The seating will make your vehicle exert more energy and therefore burn more gas. Removing it will result in gas mileage improvements, as this will significantly reduce the burden of the vehicle.

Super Gas Saver Tip # 4 - Turn Off the Air Conditioner.

Avoid using the air conditioner to its full capacity. A running air conditioner shares in the engine's horsepower, so your car will burn more fuel.

If it's not too hot nor polluted outside, turn it off and roll down your car windows. Not only will you save money on gas, but you could also be more "in touch" with your surroundings.

Super Gas Saver Tip # 5 - Turn Off the Car Engine When It's Not Moving.

Even if your vehicle is not moving, it's still eating up gas (and your money) if the engine is running.

If you're waiting for someone or you're stuck in heavy traffic, and your car is not moving for minutes, it's recommended to turn off your car engine.

Reliable sources state that fuel costs are not going down anytime; in fact, they'll climb up higher and higher as days pass by. But as long as you follow these super gas saver tips, you'll be able to save a substantial amount of money on fuel, and keep your car in tip-top shape.

A new phenomenon has emerged to conquer the skyrocketing fuel costs. It's called Water For Gas. The site has some amazing illustrations and information on this hot topic, so you might want to see for yourself how it can help you save money on gas.

Run Your Car on Water


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