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Super Star Rajesh Khanna's Wafaa at Box Office

Updated on December 22, 2008

 After going through the long interview of Kaka on 20.12.2008, it seems that media is highlighting some bold scenes of Wafa in an exaggarated manner. There are other factors as well in this film,such as performance of Kaka, his most dynamic and perfect characterization as Multimillionaire of Thailand and he looks really most handsome and glamorous in the role, especially in the song of Tere Bagair... . But strange the media only creating nonsense about some bed scenes and kissing scenes. First of all we should look after that upto what extent these scenes are present in the main film. As per Kaka versions it has given a U certificate. So if this is true, then there is no question of controversial scenes.   Its one of best movie of Super Star Rajesh Khanna


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      shankarlal 6 years ago

      Rajesh khanna still a superstar no actor compare with him, he is most geniune superstar, indian film industry never find superstar just like Rajesh khanna.