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Updated on April 22, 2008

Westin, a slice of Heaven?

I am an ex-travel agent who has traveled extensively and I have lived in Hawaii and now New Zealand, so, I did not climb out from under a rock.

This place is the best, I could LIVE like this!

BREATHE…….All guest rooms are deemed smoke-free with a fine called a cleaning fee is attached for perpetrator guests. Can you believe it? What a concept, in their words” we did not discover it, we’re proud to offer it” (clean air). Once a guest gets over the joy of clean air and begin to actually look around, they then notice the bed! The shower! The closet even lights up every time the door is opened. AHHHHHH just lay on the bed…it is heavenly to put it mildly. I forgot why I even came here. This place became my reason.

After a little exploration, I found the catalog to purchase ANY of the items in which a guest can take home any amenities that one could not particularly live without after staying here, even the shower head and contoured shower curtain pole. I asked myself ‘does it get any better than this?” just then I a spotted Starbucks coffee as the coffee of choice next to the in-room coffee maker. I pinched myself to see if I was still alive!

THEN I saw it! The Card. “Wake up to Starbucks coffee. ROOM DELIVERY dial 3286”. Next to the coffee maker was the complete menu of every coffee libation AND any assorted pastries offered at the downstairs in-house Starbucks. They would actually bring it to me in my pajamas EVERY DAY, MY WAY.

Better than any home or Hotel I have ever had! The result is a crisp clean beyond-comfortable better-than-home room complete with clean air! Asure slice of Heaven.....


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