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Updated on November 26, 2007

Have you ever been made "an offer you can't refuse?" How do you usually respond in the face of strong temptation? Would you say you are on guard for temptation at all times?

When lust has power, then all sense of right and wrong is parted with. Any one can fall victim to sexual temptation,if basic needs are not being met.

In some cultures, it is an acceptable way of life, and almost a status symbol to be involved in an affair. When Bill Clinton's affair exoploded on the American scene, in India it was deplored at the decay of morals in US.

One of the best stories mentioned in Bible and Quran of Prophet Joseph comes to my mind, regarding overpowering of temptation.

The Prophet Joseph was a handsome and an attractive young man. He was extremely charming and irresistible. He was a perfect gentleman whom God had honoured with His love, grace and protection.

He was held in high esteem in the house of his master.As the time passed the lady of the house put him in an awkward position.One day in the absence of her husband she approached him and desired to be very close to him. The Prophet Joseph refrained from even casting a glance at her. He tried to get rid of her but she chased him. She grabbed hard at the back of his shirt and it was torn apart. Just at that time the master appeared on the scene. He saw what was going on, He flew into a rage. The master's wife was embarrassed beyond all limits. She cried out after absolute frustration in her evil designs and levelled false accusations against Joseph, the innocent.

The Prophet Joseph clarified his position with the moral support of one of the maid-servants who bore witness by saying: Look at the shirt. If it is torn at the back, the Prophet Joseph will be quite innocent. He should not be blamed. In case it is torn from the front the accused will be one of the liars. When the shirt was examined it was torn at the back and the Prophet Joseph was found truthful. The master was fully convinced of the innocence of Prophet Joseph. He appealed to him to keep the matter in secret lest it should become a scandal.

Somehow people came to know about the incident and were talking about the bad intentions of the woman.

When the master's wife heard about it, she made plan. She wished to show the people that it was very hard to resist the charm of Prophet Joseph. She arranged a grand banquet and invited most of the women of the town. They were talking and enjoying themselves. The most delicious food and fruits were served before the guests. The master's wife gave a sharp knife to every lady to peel off the fruit. When the ladies were busy with using the knives, the master's wife asked the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) to enter the room.

When Prophet Joseph entered the room and stood calmly. The ladies looked at him constantly and got stunned at his beauty. He was so attractive that many of them were taken by a great surprise. They forgot that they were using the knives. They cut their fingers in utter amazement.The Holy Qur'an says:

"When they saw him, they exalted him? and (in their amazement) cut their hands exclaiming: Remote is Allah from imperfection. This is not a mortal but is a noble angel. She said: It is he about whom you blamed me Certainly I wished him to yield to my desires but he stood firm." (12:31,32)

Affection is often the most important thing required by women. However, to most women, affection usually symbolizes such things as security, protection, comfort,and approval.

There are two very important things for the opposite sexes that often initiate affairs. For the woman it is usually a lack of affection, and for the man it is usually a lack of sex. This can be a vicious circle. If a woman does not get enough affection, she may withhold sex from her husband, and if he does not get enough sex, then he may not be inclined to show affection to his wife.

If the wife meets her husband's sexual need, then her husband is more willing to meet her need for affection, as well as other needs.

Temptation is not a sin but acting on the temptation is.Don't be ruled by passion. No matter what you feel, act with your brain and not your emotions.


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    • profile image

      becky 6 years ago

      me and my boyfriend are having problems with temptation but after reading this article i believe we won't have that problem anymore.

    • profile image

      katya santos 10 years ago

      hot sex scandal