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Take Care Of Your Skin

Updated on January 26, 2009

The importance of skin care

They say beauty is only skin deep. Some agree and some don't, but it is a fact any blemish appearing on the skin leaves the person lose peace of mind. Acne, bacterial infection, damage of the skin, lupus, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, herpes, hair loss and many more conditions targeting the skin as it is the largets organ we have.

Skin care has gained the top most importance in personal care. Skin care usually is in three stages. The first stage is to try to prevent any of the conditions affecting the skin. If you fail in prevention, then the second stage coping with the condition before you succeed in the third stage that is cure. Each one of the conditions mentioned above can be pervented by taking care of your skin with the methods advised by beauty care professionals and dermatologists.

Since most of the skin conditions are medical in nature, it would be prudent to approach a dermatologist rather than a beautician. But sometimes the some skin conditions like stretch marks can be pervented or cured with the advise of a skin care specialist since the condition itself if not dangerous for your medical health. Stretch marks are caused by breakage of dermis the layer below the skin due to obesity, body building, or pregnancy. Stretch marks can be minimized or totally prevented by used creams suggested by a skin care specialist. Likewise, acne, hair loss, bacterial infections and many coditions can be pervented with proper care.


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