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Tap into a "Fanstastic" mood

Updated on May 6, 2008

Make a great mood last all day!

Your hair looks great your body is slammin' and your fashion sense is spot on as you leave for work on one of the most perfect spring weather days. You sit down to get into the work day then notice a note from your boss that says he wants a private meeting with you. A day that started off so great has turned into a day of uncertainty and dread. Your whole day could be ruined and it started off so great.

However it doesn't have to be that way. Living life to the fullest is what most people say that ALL PEOPLE should do but what is the precentage of people who actually take this message to heart? I have a feeling that it is not to many, most people let the smallest things take their mood and their day to the garbage dump no matter how many wonderful things happen after a piece of "bad" news.

Let's you and I reverse that trend and this is how we can start. Start a mental catalog of how many great things have happen over the week and how many not so excellent things as well. Then we will rate them by comparing them to the significance to our life. This is important because things that do not directly affect our lifes should not change our mood e.g. Tom and Katie Cruise's rumors of divorce.

Next pluck out the bits and pieces of good news in a negative report, for example losing a promotion,however the promotion meant working with some real jerks or putting in extra hours for a title and very little extra pay.

Finally, keep in the forefront the good and excellent news captializing on the mood and trying to find ways to increase more news like it, for example going on a vacation to Europe and taking some pictures that aren't normally seen then publishing them in an online journal. This helps extented the feeling of contentment which helps lower your blood pressure! Excellent kudos huh!!!

Give it a try this week and let me know how it works out for you.

Hug a friend!

Your friendly universal,



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