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Teddy Bear Gift Delivery

Updated on January 9, 2009
So cute
So cute

Teddy Bear Gift Delivery - Why is it so popular?


The soft, cute, cuddly, and comforting teddy bear is incredibly popular. Everybody from children to the elderly hold such a special adoration for them. In fact since its creation the teddy bear has always been a symbol of love, caring and compassion


Tedy Bear Gift Delivery - The truth is out there!

The generally accepted birth of the teddy bear happened in 1902 when, during a hunting trip, President Roosevelt reputably refused to shoot a captive bear. This incident was depicted on the front page of the Washington Post by cartoonist Clifford Berryman and toymakers immediately started to produce "Teddy" bears, forever linking the bears to the president's name. 

These days many people are probably not aware of its origins but still the teddy bear continues to grow in popularity.

As a child growing up, my teddy became my constant friend, my comforter and my confidant. My mother must have thought I was nuts…I had chats with him every day. 

I kept him though my teenage years (I didn’t tell anyone) it’s dress code changed J. It mirrored my life getting older and beaten up but it always made me feel better during tough times at school.

Today giving a teddy bear is still amazingly popular. It is a symbol of love and caring that is widely accepted. Many women have these bears on their beds or a prominent place in the bedroom…a place close to their hearst. (I know it’s a generalization but I stand by it. They have almost a healing quality.

Many law agencies all over the world give teddy bears to young children to reduce psychological trauma experienced in accidents. The military in Kosovo and Iraq have used teddies to bring smiles to the faces of children.  Educators often use the teddy bear to show children what they should do in the case of an emergency such as a hurricane.

It is not only children that love these bears; most adults also have very fond childhood memories of these wonderful toys.

Incredible though it sounds the incredible teddy bear is adored by millions of people all over the world and makes a perfect gift.

An array of teddy bears!

6 Things To Know to Buy an Antique Bear as a Gift

The teddy bear has been a popular toy for 107 years. Buying an antique teddy as a gift poses some problems you need to solve to makesure you get what you pay for.

Consider the manufacturer, condition and age of the bear. This will help to ensure you add a gem to your collection.

#1: Research the price before you buy. You can buy a price guide which will give you an idea of what you should pay. The condition of the bear is key.

#2 Look at the condition of the bear. Check for flaws under any clothing and the eyes and joints. A bear must be in good condition with all its original parts to allow a high price.

#3 Determine the manufacturer. Steiff bears are the most sought after but there are many others

#4 Check the tags. Parents tend to cut the labels off Teddy bears before giving them to kids. An antique teddy bear with original tags will be worth more than without- often a lot more.

#5 Know the age of the teddy bear and approximately how many exist. Older and rarer = higher price

#6 Ask if there is any supporting documentation. (this is called provenance in the antique/art world) This could be a receipt or picture in magazine etc.. The more accurate the date the more it will cost.


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