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Your Teen is Not an Alien

Updated on January 20, 2009

Good News, Your teen is NOT an Alien

The teen years can be very challenging for parents. Teenagers are a big mystery to us. All rolled up into mood swings, rebellion and the apparent inability to talk to us. As a parent, it’s easy to get upset and demanding what you want from your teen, but generally, you’ll end up facing even more rebellion or a teen that becomes completely unreachable.

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Certainly I’m preaching to the choir. Having children, teenager(s) in your home, you already know this and deal with it every day. I found a great help to learning the things I needed to know when I picked up a copy of “Real Life Guidance to Understanding Your Teen”. This guide, created by Certified Life Coach, Aurelia Williams, includes practical suggestions for creating a better relationship with your teenager.

Call me lucky if you wish, but I prefer to call myself blessed. I have a great relationship with my teenage daughter. Don't get me wrong, I have to work at it. It is definitely not a cut and dry thing learning to 'listen' to her carefully and give her praise for good things and not yell or insult her for failures. I often check the guide that I bought to see what it says. You see, my daugher is always asking me about issues with her friends that don't get along with their parents very well. I can only give them advice and hope it helps. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but in the end, at least I try. We have to try to be their friend and not their enemy. How else will they grow to become an effective, and useful person in society with integrity.

The real life guide includes help with:

  • Knowing there are some things in your teen’s life that you can’t control, but you can still help them with.
  • Understanding the mood swings and suggestions for dealing with them WITHOUT resulting in full-on battles with your child.
  • Keeping the lines of communication with your teen throughout the high school years.
  • OPENING the lines of communication if they have already been severed. It’s never too late.
  • When your teen might need professional help
  • …and plenty of other helpful advice.

If you’re at your wits' end or just want to be prepared for any obstacles, you can do it right now…any time of the day, any day of the week. “Real Life Guidance to Understanding Your Teen” is available for easy and instant download to your computer.

Get all the details and grab your copy at Real Life Guidance.


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