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Texting While Driving? I Can’t Even Text And Walk At The Same Time

Updated on August 8, 2008

I admit it, I'm one of those people who feel as though the ground will crumble beneath me and life will end as we know it if I don't answer my phone while driving (and that also includes texting). I don't know when I decided for me that the world needed immediate and constant access to me but somewhere along the line it happened. I think it probably has quite a bit to do with ego if I'm completely honest with myself. That's right I think that everyone NEEDS me every minute of every day I suppose. The point is that like everyone else I have gone beyond the denial that it does not affect my driving to be talking on the phone and driving. I admit that I'm a lousy driver when I get on the phone (some would say I'm pretty bad even without the phone) but recently I discovered that texting while I'm driving? I can't even text and walk at the same time - Don't Get Me Started!

There I was walking down the street when I decided that yet another text message had to be sent immediately. I whipped out the new iphone and began lightly touching the touch screen. (Quick tip - for those of us who had been used to Blackberries and Smart Phones with hard keys that we would push with our thumbs or fingernails, the iphone insists that you use the padded part of your finger to make the magic happen.) And so I was walking down the street trying to gingerly type in a message to someone when I tripped. Not a big one where there is scraping of knees or blood loss, no just enough of a bobble to make you look like an ass (if anyone was really looking) and although I caught myself before a full-fledged fall occurred, I still managed to feel like an ass. For most folk, this would cause them to think, "Geez, I can't walk and text" but not for this brave little soldier, oh no. I went right back to texting and walking. "BAM!" I ran right into someone without even realizing it until the impact occurred. A quick apology from me and a lot of head shaking from the victim and I was off again. Now I was trying to gently choose the correct "keys" (if I'm honest, it was more about the back space key and wondering why after I had typed in most of the word, "tomorrow" the iphone was trying to tell me that I meant the word "Timor" for some reason - and is that even a word?) as I walked, gently typed, looked for discrepancies in the sidewalk and passer-bys I found that the stress level got so high I wished that I had a Xanax.

And so it finally occurred to me that much like driving, perhaps no one really needed to get in touch with me at that particular moment, nor did I need to be looking down at my palm when there was life happening all around me. I locked the phone and defiantly put it into my pocket. And do you know what? No one died, I didn't disappoint anyone for not texting them immediately and most importantly, although I've never been one to care that much for nature, I actually did have time to stop and smell the roses. Maybe this is what that saying was all about, maybe whoever wrote it foresaw into our future where we would be the most impatient and self-obsessed (with the aid of technology) people in the world where we would get to the point of not even being able to look up at the world around us as we walked through our daily lives. For those who feel I've taken this to a major extreme, you obviously haven't read my previous blogs. I live life in the extremes from "crazy highs" to "crappy lows" there is no "in between because I'm afraid if I'm in the middle I'll lose all feeling and meaning to my life.

I can't say that I won't talk on the phone while driving - after all, driving home from work is when the daily call with my mother happens. (If you don't think I'm brave for talking to my mother and driving at the same time, you're not Jewish) But I can guarantee that I'll think about how bad it is and have some good old Jewish guilt over it. I will however try not to drive or walk and text at the same time. How does that sound? To me it sounds as though I'm at the start of therapy for my iphone addiction and that I've just admitted my problem as the first step in a 1200 step process for getting "better" or healthy as it may be. But at the root of it all I can't help just being a little disappointed that in actuality what hurt the most was the discovery (or admission if you will) that I'm not as coordinated as I thought I was to be able to walk and text at the same time. (Quick test to see if I can still pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time - passed, I can do that at least). Texting while I'm driving? I can't even text and walk at the same time - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • driverslicense profile image

      driverslicense 9 years ago


    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas


    • driverslicense profile image

      driverslicense 9 years ago

      One of the scariest thing's I've seen is, I was in a car with a friend and he was driving. He drive's a standard car. So while he's driving, he's smoking, texting and trying to shift. Made me nervous, I'll be honest.

    • profile image

      Adam B 9 years ago

      Texting and walking, texting and driving, texting and conversing...all wrong...all evil...all too real! Damn You technology...damn you strait to hell. Oh, wait I am getting a text message now...BRB.

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

      Scott, I can't even drink coffee and walk at the same time...I wouldn't even attempt to text.

    • Benson Yeung profile image

      Benson Yeung 9 years ago from Hong Kong

      great work. I read this hub of yours while driving and left this comment while brushing my teeth. See - this can be done.

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas


    • Nicole Winter profile image

      Nicole A. Winter 9 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Are you a STNG fan? *grin* This article is hilarious, my baby sister texts and drives, walks, does god knows what else, all the time! Personally, like you, I can't text and walk either. (Though I can rub my belly and pat my head at the same time after years of practice!) I loved what you had to say, here!