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That’s Why God Invented Rear-View Mirrors!

Updated on February 14, 2008

There I was in a parking lot with a zillion errands to run and much less patience than the time I had to complete everything I needed to get done. This is no surprise as I don't come from a long line of patient people. In fact just the opposite. But having patience is not really what this is about. This is about sitting in my car behind a woman in a very large SUV who was (I suppose) trying to choose what row to go down to park her vehicle but instead of choosing any lane, she chose to stop dead, parallel to the stores and talk on her cell phone. In complete denial or being oblivious to the world around her, it was all about what was in front of her, the choices she would make of where to park - as the cars lined up behind me. And as I laid on the horn (to the delight of the people behind me and the disgust of the "parker" - she could hardly be considered a driver as she was not doing any driving) she flipped me off and tore down the next aisle where I can only assume at some point she parked her behemoth of a vehicle. I don't care that she was angry with me nor do I have any resentment toward her but come on people, that's why God invented rear-view mirrors - Don't Get Me Started!

As I parked and went into the first store of many, I began to think about how often I look in the rear view mirror. I think I look in it quite a bit - well, at least more than the woman who was in front of me in the SUV. But I also began to think about what had just happened and I wondered if this woman ever looked in her rear-view mirror? How many times have you been behind someone who is only looking ahead of them? Whether they're driving forward or backing out of a space? Well, I've seen a lot of these people and I just have to wonder where all the arrogance comes from that they feel as if they don't have to look around or consider that there is a world and/or people around them?

I've talked about it before but there have been several medical studies done that state the current generation of teens and twenty-somethings have too much self-esteem. I have to admit there is a large part of me that's a bit jealous. For those of us who have constantly struggled for acceptance, the idea of too much self-esteem seems as foreign to me as I don't know, putting mayonnaise on a corned beef sandwich. But is it too much self-esteem or just plain rudeness that makes people stop where they shouldn't be stopping or pull out in front of traffic, thinking only of themselves and their needs? I really don't know which it is but dear Lord it's annoying as hell.

The warning for all these people is that you can't always look forward. Sometimes you have to look behind you in order to be able to understand what you're looking at in front of you. It's the preparation for your life that continues throughout your life. And though some may say I'm taking this whole thought process too far, stick with me for a moment because the more I thought about it, the more I began to think about the whole, "If we don't remember our past we're doomed to repeat it." Okay perhaps a bit too far but is it? You'll have to decide for yourself.

I don't ask a whole lot from my fellow man but a little common courtesy does go a long way. Whether you're holding the door for someone or just taking a glance in your rear-view mirror to make sure there's no one behind you before you pull out of that parking space I think those of us who do look in the rear-view mirror (physically and metaphorically) would sure appreciate it if the rest of you assholes would do the same every once in awhile! That's why God invented rear-view mirrors - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      elkafrey 7 years ago

      this entirely lit up my mood! so true and said with such wit!!!