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The 5-Star Life at the Golden Door Spa

Updated on October 6, 2011
The REAL Golden Doors
The REAL Golden Doors | Source

Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

Living the 5-Star Life at the Golden Door Spa

Living the 5-Star Life sounds like fun, but if you are constantly in the public eye, you may need an escape from the jet set and Paparazzi. Have you ever wondered where Celebs go to chill out and get pampered?

Many of us dream of finding ‘heaven on earth.' You don't have to travel across the world to find the essence of tranquility. Sometimes it's right around the corner!

The idyllic antidote to the modern world is a trip to the spa. For me it is a place of refuge, a sanctuary from the stresses and strains of modern existence. After years of exploration, I discovered the Ultimate experience right in Southern California. This is the ‘Grand Dame" of spas, called the "Golden Door'. Once a place only for the super wealthy and famous, it is a tranquil sanctuary secluded in a remote area of Escondido, California, hidden from the outside world. This place is so exclusive; it is favored by some of the world's most high profile elite, from Oprah to Martha, Barbara Bush to Barbra Streisand.

The moment I arrived, I was intrigued by what was on the other side of the infamous "Golden Door'. Immediately entering this sacred sanctuary, it revealed itself as a place of enchantment, unlike any spa I have ever experienced. Crossing the threshold, through the "Golden Doors", I made a commitment to myself to leave behind the outside world and surrender to this magical place. I was open to all the mysteries that would unfold.

The first time I entered the property, I felt a remote sense of ‘being away from it all", into another time zone, totally isolated from the outside world. The original architecture is modeled after an authentic Japanese Honjin-Inn (country inn) .The exquisitely simple landscape and environment subtly unfolded with each day. I had no expectations except to get back in touch with lost parts of myself that were buried under bills, business and busy-ness. Without any television or external influences, the only contact was e-mail. This is exactly what I needed to escape from some common addictions, such as caffeine, vegetating in front of the TV, my attachment to the computer and the cell phone and living in excess.

Unfortunately, I unleashed other hidden addictions, such as going online to check e-mail and voicemail too often. I told friends I would be incommunicado, so there were no phone calls, but I still found myself anxious every day to find out who ‘didn't call'. At the beginning of the week, I was still dealing with the residue of my modern life, and by the end of the week, my inner landscape was filled with beauty. I found my ‘Inner Goddess' emerging when surrounded by the classic gardens, extensive waterfalls, and stone walkways. The award winning Koi pond and organic vegetable garden were enough to send me into peaceful tranquility.

When you spend a week here, you will be treated to so many massages, facials and body works that you will emerge a new person. Can you imagine indulging, ‘in excess', with a facial, an herbal wrap, pure, a hot stone massage, all in one day? Can you imagine being pampered beyond your wildest dreams each and every day? Can you imagine releasing all of your tension and stress so that you are finally free, rejuvenated and your body is blissed out? The piece de la resistance, was being served pure, organic gourmet food, throughout the day, without missing the junk!

On one particular day, after hours of exercise classes, swimming, and hiking, I had a Golden Door signature Citrus Blend Sea Salt Scrub with Avocado. This is an exclusive body mélange of fresh, fragrant and infused with natural essences plucked from the organic farm. Picture yourself covered in lemon, chamomile and lavender plus a soothing blend of avocado, sweet almond and olive oil. The body is carefully exfoliated with silk mitts and gentle sea salt. Then warm water washes over you with a richly lathered Signature Citrus Scent bath gel. You are covered in Shea Butter moisturizer and gel and Golden Boor Botanical Body Oil. Later on in the day, I was totally pampered again, with a Signature Facial including an exfoliating scrub specifically suited to my skin type. Step one; I was lightly misted with the essence of orange water. The next step was an oxygen facial masque and Golden Door Serum. It was massaged with healing hands to improve cellular circulation and promote healthier, more youthful looking skin. At the end of each day, before dinner, I had an in room treatment. Daniel, a master masseur who completely freed me of any and all aches and pains. His virtue is having the hands of an Angel. He is a true healer and his treatment is absolutely beyond words. The Golden Door Spa is an experience that is ineffable. There are dozens of other unique treatments, including a Reiki Water Crystal Therapy-like ‘Feng Shui for your body'. Floating weightless in a warm, womb-like state, my guide, Trisha, intuitively selects crystals, sacred stones, and essential oils to match my focused intentions. The result is that " Your energy shifts, centers, balances and your body opens to a Nirvana-like oneness". You are at one with your essential nature and free from all stress, like a child again.

I had the absolute best spa experience of my life and met the loveliest group of women. (There are co-ed couple's weeks, too) For a closing ceremony, we had a candlelit meditation walk around the authentic stone labyrinth in the woods and officially became the ‘Golden Door Goddesses'. Each time we return, we will unleash the Goddess within. After one week at home, I am dreaming of returning to this delightful place and reuniting with all of the lovely women and staff.

The Golden Door

Escondido California


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