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The Business of Life

Updated on June 9, 2008

Running a business and living a life have much in common. One of the major keys to success in most businesses is customer service. In life we all perform some sort of a customer service day in and day out with each and every person we deal with. It is an integral part of interpersonal communications.

This customer service we perform is a two way street. It has a constant give and take. It mirrors the same concept in business. What makes this even more prevalent is that in most families both husband and wife have to work.

The business expectation

Provide a quality service or goods and people will continue to come back. This must be performed consistently day in and day out. Any perceived problem must be dealt with and remedied to the customers satisfaction. The goal is every time the customer enter and leaves they are happy and well taken care of.

The life expectations

What we give to someone else must come back to us. Interactions and relatinships most have a balance to exist and endure. Any perceived imbalance over time erodes the relationship. Whether it be one person is to demanding or the other is not willing to offer of themselves freely and equally the relationship will dissolve

Business and Life commonality.

The basic communication of both business and life are the same. The customer and the person on the other side of a relationship must relate to us. They also have expectations that we both need to be aware of to maintain a reciprocal balance.

Currency, another shared element.

In businesses we have to fill the customers needs satisfactorily in order to develop the bond. That bond is cemented in return customership as the person keeps coming back and paying for the service. In a relationship the fulfilling of needs has to be more mutual. Customer service for business is more one sided. In a relationship what we give we should expect to take back. Mutual customer service is the currency of the relationship. In both cases if one of the sides fails to live up to it's obligation the bonds are broken off.

Talking to Listen is the shared tool

Just as the proprietor of a business holds a conversation to find how he can best serve the customer, so must those in a real life relationship. When the businessmen stops listening. His business suffers. When people hear but don't listen relationships fail. When no one talks to listen, no one hears what's being said. In business and life this tool is the most important for successful maintenance of your relationships. When you fail to apply this tool as part of your everyday process whether in business or life the level of success significantly lowers. The level of failure rises greatly. Talk to listen is a universal key to all your successes.

Attitude unites business and life

Think about that fact a moment. A bad attitude about business carries over and trickles into your life. A bad run in a relationship affects how you perform at work. We would like to believe there is a separation. When it comes down to it you are the link. The only separation is an imagined one. The result is one will affect the other.

Counterbalancing in business and life

We normally gravitate to what brings us the most positive in our lives. Which ever is giving us the most satisfaction is where we tend to put our emphasis and energies. The natural side effect being as one gets more of our attention the other become more neglected. When it comes to business and life it is a daily juggling act. Going back to my point in attitude one affects the other.

The importance of a business and life plan

We all have to have one. There are a lot of questions to be answered here. Do you go home to a family and marriage or do you go home? Are you going to work for family and marriage or are you defined by your job? Are vacations a break from work, a necessity of family, or something you really look forward to.? Are evening and weekends time to recharge or time to be with your family? The amount of defining that needs to be done here is neglected for the most part by most of us. Many of us never get a comfortable living flow because we haven't faced the questions. You can verbalize what you think your priorities are but your actions may differ. A personal business and life plan sounds cold. Yet, sit yourself down at any given time with a pen and paper and try to answer the questions, where have you been in life, where are you now and where are you going and then read what you wrote. Some will see a hollowness in their words. Some will hardly have any words and others will feel a lost at what their words say. Few will find their words satisfy. The few will be the ones with a life and business plan. The others will not. Be honest right now and ask the question are you one of the few? If not you either have a faulty business and life plan or none at all.

The question of the business and life separation

A friend of mine brings up this point quite often. If people truly believe in separation of church and state, why do I constantly find references to overlap? His theory is if your beliefs are rooted in religion, we can never make a true separation. There can be no absolute division of ideals. Business and life are similarly intertwined. For one to cease the other would not be able to exist as we know it.


In the defining of business and life you have to make very many crucial choices. It all starts to where you need and want to center yourself. Need and want is similar to church and state. There is no true separation for one or other to exist. Despite all the other questions it begins with answering one. For you, what is most in important in your life at this moment in time? That is the first domino in which the other most all line up behind. No one but you can choose that domino. You are the one that has it be sure it is the one for you


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    • Party Girl profile image

      Party Girl 9 years ago

      Great hub, gives you loads to think about. As a complete workaholic who works 7 days a week, I find it difficult to obtain a good work/life balance. Your hub does give food for thought. Thanks for sharing.