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The Click bank bait!

Updated on November 17, 2008

Affiliate marketing is not something that is easier said than done, with the most crucial part being the all too important sales letter. The sales letter should be able to capture the reader's attention and be able to convert some of the visitors to actual sales. Here in lies the nub of the matter, for most of us cannot write a high quality sales letter leave alone find ways to convert our visitors to actual sales. But with the CB profit pack we should be able to do just that for Michael Cobb & Leigh Walker has provided us with just what we sorely need.

The fact of the matter is that most of us suck when it comes to writing great sales copies, the kind of copies that actually sells the product thereby earning us a hefty commission. It is not that we are poor writers but that we do not know how to write to sell, there's a difference between the two. Anyway, with the CB Profit Pack, co-authored by Michael Cobb & Leigh Walker, we should be more than able to achieve our affiliate target quite easily.

The market is overrun with one too many products promising to increase your commissions from Click bank but so far, only a very few like the CB Profit Pack have managed to offer some high sell quality messages, ones that we can use in our auto responders, websites or even our blogs to get the message across to prospective customers. Affiliate marketing depends on the quality of the sales letter that you create. A good sales letter can make all the difference between the person browsing the site and the one that actually buys the product. The CB Profit Pack comes with a databank of 180 high sell quality messages, which can be used for marketing the top 60 products at Click bank.

These messages are basically three fold, with the first one setting the mood, so as to speak and the remainder two, follow-ups. The end result is a high rate of conversion, thus netting you a neat commission. In addition to the messages, the CB Profit Pack comes with a whole horde of bonus packages from the Hoplink cloaker so as to cloak your affiliate link to the ‘Ultimate Click bank survival guide'. The commissions for the 60 top Click bank products featured here ranges from $20 and upwards. These days affiliate marketing has become quite difficult on account of the intense competition and the only way to get an edge over the rivals is to utilize products like the CB Profit Pack to its optimum effect.


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    • aatifmazhar profile image

      Haris 9 years ago

      Thanks for the reply Aiden I completely agree with your point and a good link too.

    • profile image

      Aiden 9 years ago

      You make several good points. Regardless of the market pitches of thousands of pay per click ads and sales pages, affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.

      But it is a great business to do from home if you are willing to treat it as a business.

      1. Start up costs can be under $100 giving you the potential to have a profitable business from day one.

      2. You are only limited by your imagination as to how you build you business once you understand the marketing channels of the Interenet.

      3. I am sure the program you talk about provides a lot of value to beginning Clickbank marketers but I also suggest that folks who are interested in starting an online marketing career maybe pick up a few good books on copywriting and advertising from their local library or from an online bookstore.

      As the author has pointed out, if you are selling a product whether its yours or as an affiliate the words on your sales page or landing page will make or break your marketing efforts.

      Aiden Hunt